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Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo Workshirt @ 3 Months

Well, this post is slightly delayed but last week I finally gave my Rogue Territory workshirt a wash, and I was really pleased with the results. It softened up a lot, and also brought out some of the whiskering around the elbows and sleeve openings. The sleeves shortened by about an inch, as did the total length of the shirt – making it fit exactly how I wanted it to(thanks Felicia). I’m excited to see how it breaks even at a year.


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Hard work pays off.

Literally, I’ve worked like fifteen hours of overtime these last two weeks and some of that extra cash flow went to buy this gem: Rogue Territory Dbl. Indigo work shirt.

I’ve been following Rogue Territory for awhile and finally decided to make my first (of many, I’m sure – those Work Trousers are calling my name.) RT is the denim-child of Karl Thoennessen, mostly known for it’s custom denim program – which allows the customer (with Karl’s help) to put together a 100% custom pair of denim, crafted to fit their body type using the denim, hardware, and wash that the they want. RT has delved into more than just that though. The lines main goal was to recreate timeless garments from the industrial age, and focus on the attention to detail, and to use the best freakin’ material available.

The shirt is hand-made (in Los Angeles) from a really heavy duty 12 oz sanforized Japanese denim from Kurabo Mills. With all of the threads dyed a very dark shade of indigo, this creates a really unique fading effect that I’m already starting to see after two wears.

It’s a slim-fitting work shirt with two front button pockets, with a barely visible pen holder in the left pocket. Black stitching throughout the whole shirt gives it a really tough look. This could almost be worn as light jacket, but it’s going to become a daily piece for me. You can never have enough denim, and I’m just really curious to see how much I can beat this thing up. It will bleed a little bit, so if you’re going to be wearing it as a over shirt – I would recommend that you size up, and give it a soak before you put it on over another button up.
There isn’t many of these left, so go pick one up – I promise you, you will not be disappointed. It will last you forever and just get better the more you wear it. Thanks again Karl for hooking it up, and don’t think I’ll forget about that tote. I still want one!


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Tellason Denim

I’ve been pretty big into dry (or raw) denim for about two years now. I started off with shitty overpriced street wear branded selvedge denim, and then moved on up onto a pair of Levi’s selvedge denim. I was just never satisfied. It’s been a continuous battle with finding a quality pair of denim, with a good fit, and all of those neat little details that we’ve come to love and want in our denim. I’m excited to say that I think I’ve finally found it.

I recently placed an order with Mike of Tanner Goods & The Woodlands on a pair of Tellason denim. I really had no idea what to expect out of these, other than what I had read over at Denim Debate, and a sizing chart I had seen online. When it comes to ordering denim, I’m used to going by measurements, and a few user opinions from sufu, styleforum, and denim debate. Living in Florida has it ups & downs (more downs than ups) but one thing it definitely does not have is a good ol’ denim shop. With a little faith and some kind words on the quality & fit from Mike, I placed my order. A few days later, with hesitation I opened up the package and examined the details really closely.

Thankfully, they’re button-fly which I know is pretty standard, but my Levi’s were zipper – so I was very stoked on this. Doughnut buttons that are set perfect, and should last awhile. Really heavy canvas pocket bags, that should fix the issues I’ve had with these ripping over time, rendering a pair of jeans pretty much useless. The back pockets are also reinforced with a canvas patch (inside the pocket) that will help keep those together longer and keep your wallet safe. The coin pocket is selvedge lined as well as deeper than normal, which is a plus for me due to carrying a pocket knife and other miscellaneous items in it. Black selvedge stitching makes these a little more unique and subtle, as most companies are using red stitching. Last but definitely not least, a super thick Tanner Goods leather patch that has should take on a nice patina as it gets older.

After a thorough examination, I threw these on. Instantly I was surprised by the quality and feel of the denim. They just feel like a pair of denim that will last you a lifetime, which is no surprise considering they’re sourced from one of the oldest, and one of the only factories still in the US, Cone Denim White Oak of North Carolina. This is just one of the reasons I went with Tellason. I love the fact they’re 100% made in the USA. With the denim sourced from NC, leather patch from Tanner Goods of Portland, and the production being done right in San Francisco.

All in all, the combination of a brand with a passion for denim, and a passion for the quality of that denim definitely shows in the finished product. Tellason’s won’t only last you for years, they’ll continuously look better with age. So get them dirty, get them wet, just wear them and go wherever life takes you.

I’m just starting to put some wear into these, so it’s no use to provide fit pictures this early on. The fit on these is a high-rise, straight leg with a slight taper. Definitely a more traditional fit, and not as slim as most of the dry denim crowd is wanting. Once I find someone to snap some pictures for me, I’ll definitely put some up.

To purchase Tellason denim, visit the Tellason site or Woodlands Shop.


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