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In Detail – 7/19/2012

I never really thought of my blog as a fashion blog, and the more and more I continue forward with Simple Threads, the more I realize that it isn’t. It’s just a photographic journal of well made American clothing from some amazing brands with rich history. I’m not by any means fashionable, and I honestly am fine with that. I just like to share the wear & tear of the stuff I own. To show everyone else why it’s worth the extra money for nice stuff.


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In Detail – 2/26/2012

Another camera, another In Detail’s post. The 5D will be back this week, and I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to shoot – so until then! This HBT (herringbone twill) camouflage hunting jacket was a flea-market find that I stumbled upon yesterday for $10 bucks. It’s vintage “Ted Williams Approved” for Sears Roebucks. I will post the details about it when I’ve got a suitable camera. It fits almost perfect, and is in great shape. I’ve loved this fabric and although there’s been a huge uprising of brands using it lately, it’s still a classic. More history behind it can be found over at ACL – so read up if you’re into that kind of stuff. Imogene + Willie Ebbet’s Field Flannels cap, Post O’alls Cruzer vest, and a Woolrich Woolen Mills Knockabout shirt is everything else I’ve got on.  I’ve been alternating between my Tellasons and these Rogue Territory Stantons’ to get them broken in before the hotter weather comes this way. And, yet again… Red Wing 8131 Moc-toes.


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In Detail – 2/13/2012

We’re finally getting that Florida winter. Those 35 degree mornings are welcomed with the warmest of arms. Hopefully it’ll stick around for awhile this time. Classic BDU jacket done proper by Post O’alls, also in the nicest twill I’ve ever laid my hands on. Few years back Woolen Mills Guide shirt, and double-indigo Rogue Territory work trousers.


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In Detail – 01/25/2012

Alright, time to switch it up a bit. I wanted the photos of me actually wearing stuff to be more detailed, so I’ll be going in that direction from this day forward. Details are so important, and my aesthetic is based primarily off of them, functionality, and just being comfortable.

Hat: Ebbets Field (New color way in the works)

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mills (Daiki Era) Khaki Poplin Parka

Shirt: Engineered Garments Chambray Work Shirt

Pants:  Rogue Territory Indigo Work Trousers

Shoes: New Balance 992

Bag: Filson Zipper Tote


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Rogue Territory Dbl. Indigo Workshirt

I’m pretty sure this was the first thing I wrote about, a little more than a year ago when I first started Simple Threads. I’ve been wearing this shirt tons since then, and I thought it looked worn enough to snap a few photos of. It’s held up amazingly well, mainly due to the strict quality standards behind all of Karl’s (the one-man operation behind Rogue Territory) designs. The shirt is made from a heavyweight Japanese denim, that is dip-dyed in natural indigo. Triple-stitching throughout the entire garment, heavy duty buttons that show no signs of coming off anytime soon. Hands down the toughest shirt I’ll ever own. These are not available at this very moment, but Karl has hinted that we’ll see a slightly different iteration of this shirt coming out later this year.


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I am totally guilty of wearing the same clothes for a few days in a row, but isn’t that what this stuff was made for? Durable garments that take on character the more you beat them up are fantastic, and much like denim, they get better & better with each wear. I’ve never been much for an oxford shirt, or “double monks” – but I am a huge fan of clothing that can be worn without worry. Stuff that isn’t ruined once it has a grass stain on the knee, a slight tear on the sleeve, or even spilling a quarter of a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce on the crotch. Thankfully, there’s a handful of guys out there that make garments that can still look awesome, even when they’re a bit beat up.


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Summer Blues

If I had to pick the pieces I wore the most, these would be them. I guess I sort of like indigo… maybe a little too much.

Shirt: Rogue Territory Double Indigo Work Shirt

Jeans: Tellason

Bandanna: Vintage Made in the USA

Shoes: Oakstreet Bootmakers Navy Trail Oxford


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Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo Workshirt @ 3 Months

Well, this post is slightly delayed but last week I finally gave my Rogue Territory workshirt a wash, and I was really pleased with the results. It softened up a lot, and also brought out some of the whiskering around the elbows and sleeve openings. The sleeves shortened by about an inch, as did the total length of the shirt – making it fit exactly how I wanted it to(thanks Felicia). I’m excited to see how it breaks even at a year.


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Hard work pays off.

Literally, I’ve worked like fifteen hours of overtime these last two weeks and some of that extra cash flow went to buy this gem: Rogue Territory Dbl. Indigo work shirt.

I’ve been following Rogue Territory for awhile and finally decided to make my first (of many, I’m sure – those Work Trousers are calling my name.) RT is the denim-child of Karl Thoennessen, mostly known for it’s custom denim program – which allows the customer (with Karl’s help) to put together a 100% custom pair of denim, crafted to fit their body type using the denim, hardware, and wash that the they want. RT has delved into more than just that though. The lines main goal was to recreate timeless garments from the industrial age, and focus on the attention to detail, and to use the best freakin’ material available.

The shirt is hand-made (in Los Angeles) from a really heavy duty 12 oz sanforized Japanese denim from Kurabo Mills. With all of the threads dyed a very dark shade of indigo, this creates a really unique fading effect that I’m already starting to see after two wears.

It’s a slim-fitting work shirt with two front button pockets, with a barely visible pen holder in the left pocket. Black stitching throughout the whole shirt gives it a really tough look. This could almost be worn as light jacket, but it’s going to become a daily piece for me. You can never have enough denim, and I’m just really curious to see how much I can beat this thing up. It will bleed a little bit, so if you’re going to be wearing it as a over shirt – I would recommend that you size up, and give it a soak before you put it on over another button up.
There isn’t many of these left, so go pick one up – I promise you, you will not be disappointed. It will last you forever and just get better the more you wear it. Thanks again Karl for hooking it up, and don’t think I’ll forget about that tote. I still want one!


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