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Shirts Built To Last

Over the past two years I’ve slowly put together my wardrobe. Since I have no local shops to actually try stuff on, shirting was really difficult. I was totally against slim fitting shirts, and that’s really what the market is filled with right now. I began to slightly obsess over the fit and construction of the Engineered Garments work shirt once I snagged my chambray. I’ve broadened my horizons since then, and will continue to do so, but I stick with what works for me. High gussets, lots of pockets, long-lasting fabrics, made in America, and absolutely no button down collars. Shop smart, and wait for sales. I know a lot of people steer clear of brands like Woolrich Woolen Mills, Engineered Garments, Post Overalls, etc because of the higher cost… but when you’re still wearing it in 5 years, it’ll be worth it.



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Wearability And Why It’s Important

One of my biggest style inspirations and hands down favorite designer, the man himself, Daiki Suzuki understands that wearability is key when it comes to garment design. I’ve built my wardrobe around various Engineered Garments and Woolrich Woolen Mills pieces because they all go so well together. A few years ago when I decided I wanted to put together a wardrobe that I wouldn’t get tired of, or that wouldn’t get out of style; I focused on putting together things that could just be “thrown on” and look good. This Knockabout shirt was one of the first American made shirts I purchased, and I’ve been wearing it none stop for the last few weeks. This is seriously the type of garment you pass down to your grandkids (if it’s still cool by then). Tons of pockets, triple-stitched throughout, and an amazing fabric. The Engineered Garments Workaday line is just basic, functional clothing made with top quality fabrics and sewn together by some seriously skilled workers in the New York City Garment District. These Workaday fatigues boast a more baggy fit and are seriously the most comfortable pants I’ve worn. The reversed sateen is super soft but really durable. Just simple, well made clothing that will continue to look better the longer you own it. Don’t buy a lot of stuff, just buy stuff that’s well made, that you like, that ou can easily wear, and that won’t fall apart on you.


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Up Close: Engineered Garments Cotton Chore Coat

Easily wearable as everything Suzuki designs. I picked this up from my good pal Michael Andersen, since he’s slowly but surely becoming a tech-ninja. Another mans trash if another mans treasure or something like that. I really like the construction on this one: the saw-tooth stitching on the shoulders, sleeves, and collar allows it to keep it’s shape even though the fabric is extremely lightweight. May be due for an indigo dip shortly if I continue to spill guacamole on it.


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Laundry Days

I just felt like taking photos today. Which also so happens to be, laundry day. I enjoy washing my clothes, and driving my fiance nuts because I just throw them all in together and never separate anything. They always come out looking better (and smelling) than before.


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In Detail – 2/24/2012

So, since the 5D is in for repairs. My pal, and super talented photographer Clark Griffiths helped me with some photos for a post while I await it’s return. Quite warm out today, but I hope it’s not the end of the nicer weather we’ve been getting here down south. I don’t really mess with slim fitting cargo pants, and I can’t seem to find a pair better than these vintage ones. If I could date them, I would say they’re Vietnam era BDU’s. It’s neat to see the design elements that Daiki took from these for the pair of Engineered Garments trousers I own. Well-worn, washed a lot Engineered Garments plaid work shirt. Red Wing 8131′s at two years of wear, and treated with Obenauf’s three times.


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Up close: Engineered Garments Workshirts

Without a doubt, the Engineered Garments Workshirt is my favorite item in my wardrobe. A modern reproduction of a Big Yank Workshirt done up by Daiki Suzuki for Engineered Garments. The Workshirt has been a staple in the Engineered Garments line since Spring of 2000 and gets done up in different fabrics season to season. The construction that goes into these shirts assures they’ll stand the test of time. And with the amazing fabrics EG uses, they’ll just get better after every wear.

What makes them awesome:

  • The collar has reinforced stitching to make give it more substance so that it keeps it shape.
  • Almost every seam on a Engineered Garments Workshirt is triple stitched to ensure it can stand plenty of abuse.
  • The elbows are reinforced with another layer of cotton internally to hold up against wear & tear.
  • The shoulder and back yoke are both reinforced with another layer of fabric.
  • Twill taped placket.
  • Gussets at the hem.
  • Bar-tacks at stress points


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In Detail – 2/15/2012

There’s just some brands that work so well together, and Post Overalls and Engineered Garments always works. I think it’s more so the sizing matching up properly since both Daiki and Takeshi design their garments rather unfitting. Since I’ve been back from New York I just can’t go two days without throwing the Post vest on. I’m giving my Tellasons a breather and starting to break in these Rogue Territory Stantons, done up in 15oz Cone Mills red-line denim.



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In Detail – 01/25/2012

Alright, time to switch it up a bit. I wanted the photos of me actually wearing stuff to be more detailed, so I’ll be going in that direction from this day forward. Details are so important, and my aesthetic is based primarily off of them, functionality, and just being comfortable.

Hat: Ebbets Field (New color way in the works)

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mills (Daiki Era) Khaki Poplin Parka

Shirt: Engineered Garments Chambray Work Shirt

Pants:  Rogue Territory Indigo Work Trousers

Shoes: New Balance 992

Bag: Filson Zipper Tote


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What I’m Wearing – 12/18/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Shirt: Engineered Garments Workshirt – Multi Plaid

Jacket: Engineered Garments Fireman Coat – Blue Corduroy

Jeans: Tellason Ankara – 14.75oz @ 5 months

Shoes: Redwing 8105 Work Oxford


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What I’m Wearing – 12/13/2011

Knit: Columbiaknit for Woodlands

Jacket: Woolrich Woolen Mools Khaki Sateen Parka

Vest: Post Overalls Cruzer

Shirt: Engineered Garments Work Shirt

Pants: Left Field NYC Ducks

Boots: Redwing 8131 Moc-Toe


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