the inspiration

Inspired by the yesteryear – a time when garments were made with best materials, attention to detail, and a sense of pride that is now almost extinct. Made in factories that paid a fair salary, and provided a respectable working environment. Most manufacturers & consumers have drifted away from these standards due to cost of production, and the cost of the end product. Simple Threads is for those who haven’t. Supporting companies & individuals who share the same values in creating things – whether it is a pair of selvedge denim, or a leather journal cover – it should be made well, and made to last.

The good ol’ US of A. Buy local.

40 responses to “the inspiration

  1. Hello,

    I’m an admirer of the blog and wanted to introduce you The Northern Boys Club.

    The Northern Boys Club is an indepedent clothing label run by myself and I’ve put together a small range for Spring/Summer ’11 and was wondering which the best email to keep you informed of various goings on is? I will be distributing a Press Release in the next few weeks detailing everything – aimed at key bloggers/press etc and hope that you will be interested to see some of the pieces that I will be offering.

    Best regards,

  2. Discovered your blog while looking for hi-res images of the 1000 mile boot. I think it’s safe to say that this has instantly become my favorite blog next to A Continuous Lean. Keep doing whatever your doing because your doing it well.

  3. Graham A. Galvin

    Great blog and is my new favorite. Do you have a contact email? Thanks

  4. Gerard

    Love your blog! I’ve also started to being more selective about my purchases and try to buy US-made good as much as possible. Due to budget constraints, sometimes I have to forgo it. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be a loyal follower moving forward.

    Best of luck!!

    • Gerard,

      We do what we can! Thats all you can do. I was reading an article the other day about domestic production and if each American spends 1% more on American made goods – we’ll create over 200,000 jobs! Thank you so much and I hope you’ll enjoy the new content!


      • Hello!

        I stumbled upon your site a couple days ago and i am simply in love by it. I’m a big admirer on mens fashion and when i saw yours i felt very connected. I totally agreed about the comment regarding americans spending a little bit on American goods. I am apart of a creative agency called Plstk ( and we are in the process of producing and manufacturing goods made here in S.F. If you have the chance do check us out. Keep providing us with great content and Good Luck!!

        BTW… Happy Holidays! :)

        San Jose C.A

  5. Caleb

    I do like this. Its all about domestics.

  6. Larry

    What kind of camera you got, man?

  7. I dig the new description. Although I do miss the “buy local” plug.

  8. I absolutely love your blog,I discovered it today whilst noodling around on the net. I’ve spent about 3 hours reading stuff, amazing job you’ve done!
    Peace from your neighbor in Sarasota

  9. You should add a “links” section to other blogs that you follow!

  10. I’m sure you know about it but I’ve just recently become obsessed with Goorin Brothers. They are American hat makers based in San Francisco. Their styles are inspired by a time when hats were a common part to a man or woman’s outfit. It inspires me to not only appreciate hats and the differences in the styles but to support a multi-generational, American family business.

    • Adrienne,

      Thanks for writing. I have actually never heard of them, but it is awesome to see a few more companies still making hats stateside. I think it pays off to support local family businesses and stateside production – in 99% of cases the end-product is worlds better, and you know you’re putting your hard earned money back into our economy.

  11. Gotta say, I really like your blog site. I’m bookmarking it now…Great, crisp pictures. The blog reminds me of a picture movie of sorts. There are pics here that could be movie posters.

  12. Thanks for supporting home grown American manufacturing/fashion and getting the word out.

  13. I’m looking around and thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this blog?” It is very original, conscientious, down-to-earth, and all-American (and I am not even American!). Shame on me wasting my time ogling at the clothes on, say, when I should be looking at blogs like this one right here. You take amazing photos, too! I was reading the post “Daily Necessities: What I’m Carrying” and I felt my heart balloon. My Dad had something like the Tanner Goods Workman Wallet that you featured. Actually, I think it was an eyeglass case, but, yeah, the same, antiquated leather and all. He’d had it since I was a child, held on to it until the day he died. Just like that, I was zapped back to the time when I was a teenager in the early ’90s and I would raid my Dad’s closet for his old Pendletons. The best stories about fashion/personal style are the ones that strike a bittersweet chord. Needless to say, I will be coming back for more! xx

  14. How cooly original..yes, I said cooly because I am a writer and I make up words all the time :) I like this blog and I will be back to visit!

  15. Kathy

    What camera and lenses are you using? photography is awesome!

  16. Great blog! keep up the good work!

  17. I sincerely enjoy every bit of your blog and what it stands for. Although I’m not american, I can honestly relate to the research of quality both in products and process, which in this era tends to be perceived as a trend and mistaken for whatever you can put into the “vintage” box (in my young opinion). However, blogs like yours are quite the example of the actual matters which accompany our shopping habits. I stumbled upon ST not too long ago, and have been telling my good friends about it since. Keep up the good work Ryan!
    Regards from France.

  18. What an encouraging find. I was completely convinced that I was destined to being forced to purchase overpriced faux leather wallets and belts with TOMMY HILFIGER and CALVIN KLEIN plastered all over them. Finally, I have found real men’s leather goods and accessories and am free to adorn myself how my inner woodsman yearns to be.

  19. Dennis KB,FL

    Hey Ryan,

    Love the inspiration, the photography, the goods shown, and everything in-between for the blog as a whole; I’ve always been a quality over quantity guy, but never been directed to quality goods specifically and exclusively of the American variety. I’ll be happy to credit this blog (and a mild surplus of coinage) as my urgency to a buy a pair of Red Wings for daily use in cool confines of Miami, FL. This is a daily check-in for me and I hope you keep up the awesome work for a while to come!

  20. clockwork

    fantastic blog mate. the choice selection and abundance of workwear, competent photography and evident knowledge in your write-ups is what i’ve been looking for. keep it up man.

  21. bonjour from France, i like your blog and the good informations and ideas you provide.

  22. rich

    good read…good pics..good threads… huge fan of the work wear type look..awesome i found a Blog which follows this

    cheers from New Zealand

  23. Andy w

    Hey there. Love your blog. I’m from across the pond in bonnie Scotland but lovin the American goods you promote on your blog. Recently got myself a pair of Red Wing 2940 Oro Russets from the Amsterdam store. Best thing i ever bought! Now i need to work out how to get tanner goods over here without paying the crazy shipping costs!
    Lots of good scottish stuff to check out as well of course – Harris tweed being one of the best and most recognised. They do some great bags as well as jackets. Check em out. Keep up the good work and all the best, Andy.

  24. whiteheads

    Dear Granson, Ryan – keep up the good work!
    Grand Connie

  25. steve

    no updates for a while ?

  26. Ana

    Hi Ryan, your blog is so great and, as everyone is saying, the photos are wonderful and super inspiring. I have blog that I started last year, and I am trying to wear all American-made clothing – which seems harder being a woman. My photos are taken by my kids some days so they may not always be fantastic, but the idea of buying better quality made in the US stuff is similar. And I am committed to what it can do for the economy and the environment so if you want to check it out it’s or And keep up the fabulous work! : ) Ana

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