Are backpacks just for kids?

I’m really hoping they’re not. I was in the market for a bag that could function as a daily knapsack to lug around my laptop, digital camera, and whatever else – but also one that I could use for weekend trips whenever they arise.

I searched and searched for something easy on the eyes, but also versatile and durable. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Frost River Nessmuk Pack but after sleeping on it, decided it was too heavy for everyday use. The search was back on, and I thought I found a winner with Duluth pack. I couldn’t even really tell you why I didn’t pull the trigger with them, but I didn’t – and I’m glad I waited.

After browsing around a bit more, I stumbled across my now current backpack. I reached out to Mike at Woodlands Shop of Portland to see if they had anymore of their collaboration bags, the ones they did with the infamous Parrot Canvas. Parrot is known for the durable heavyweight canvas and sturdy construction, both things that I was looking for in a bag. To my surprise, there was a few more left at the shop. This bag had the one of the most important things I was looking for in a bag: subtlety. I wanted something that would go unnoticed because lets be honest, there is nothing worse than a grown-man with an obnoxiously loud backpack. Unnecessary zippers, and awkwardly colored clips, etc. That may have been cool when we were teenagers, but not now. Now we’re in a time where less is more, and it makes more sense to keep most things in life simple. This bag also reminded me of  back in grade school; those Jansports with the sueded bottoms and sueded zipper pulls that all the cool kids had. You were cool if you had one of those; and unfortunately – I was not cool. Grabbing this bag was my chance to take that title back.

So I present to you, my Navy Woodlands x Parrot Canvas bag. I’d head over to Woodlands Shop before these are all gone if I were you.

Details include:

  1. A very heavy canvas outer that will definitely last you awhile.
  2. Sueded button and detail.
  3. Hidden carabiner in the front pocket.
  4. Felted wool padding on the straps.
  5. Durable construction and double stitched seams all around the bag.


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10 responses to “Are backpacks just for kids?

  1. Dan

    Regarding backpacks for ‘adults’, what are your thoughts on your LAYERxlayer wayfarer in Natural color? I’ve been really wanting to order one but have refrained thus far because I can’t help feeling a bit too old for it (I’m in my thirties). Like you, I’m looking for something subtle but the wayfarer in Natural color is anything but subtle and it really does stand out imo.

    • Dan,

      Age is just a number. It’s a beautiful bag and really does just look better & better the dirtier it gets. The design of the bag is extremely simple but the little details are what make it what it stand out. It works really great for weekend trips or just as a day bag. If you want something unique, I don’t think it gets any better than anything made by Layerxlayer. Let me know if you need anymore information on the bag and I’d be happy to shoot some photos for you.

      Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.

      • Ernz

        i love your comment: “age is just a number” & your nice comment about Layerxlayer that “the dirtier it gets the better it looks” I got Layerxlayer Aleutiian 3 weeks ago & it looks very nice

  2. Dan


    Yes I’d love to see some pics if you have a chance, especially since you’ve had yours for a few months now. I’m sure they only get better with age but I still have a hard time picturing how they will look when worn and dirty, you know, other than with coffee stains and whatnot. And it’ll be awesome if you can snap some pics while wearing it, just to get the full effect.


  3. James

    I’m going to college and needed a new more adult looking backpack.. After browsing the Internet I came across this very one you have in the pictures and fell in love.. Does anyone know where I could come across this I’ve looked everywhere! Please help!

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