Year of the Red Wing

Doesn’t 1905 seem like forever ago?

Well – I guess it actually is. That just goes to show you that quality never goes out of style. It was 105 years ago that the first Red Wing boot was crafted (and sold for $1.75!) in the small town of (you guessed it!) Red Wing, Minnesota. No, I’m not a Red Wing history expert, I just used Google to learn somethings for myself and now I’ve shared some of that knowledge with you. Anyways, fast forward to 2010, and although everything else in this world has changed, and you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for $1.75 – the prideful craftsmanship behind each pair of Red Wing boots still remains the same.

They may be a heck of a lot more expensive now, but as I’ve finally learned in my early twenties “quality over quantity.” It’s another one of those timeless additions to your wardrobe that will definitely pay for itself over time, and never go out of style. Not to mention how unbelievably comfortable they are. I never realized the glory of a Vibram sole until I purchased my first pair of Red Wings, it’s a whole new level of a comfort. If you’re working on your feet all day, and you’re not wearing a boot with a Vibram sole – please change this as soon as possible! You really will thank me later.

I’ve been throwing a pair of Red Wing 8131 Moc-Toes into my footwear rotation this summer, and will be wearing them more often during Fall/Winter. Take a look around and pick a style that works for your wardrobe. Some of the more “popular” models are:

  1. 8131 Moc-Toe
  2. 8113 Iron Ranger
  3. 9015 Gentleman’s Traveler
  4. 9179 Wabasha Chukka

Whichever you decide to go with, make sure you pick up some leather treatment to keep these things weatherproofed and moisturized. I’ve been using Obenauf’s LP for all my leather goods. This stuff is the secret to leather longevity, and gives the leather a really unique look.

Here’s some shots I took of my 8131’s:

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