Daily Necessities: Corter Bi-Fold Wallet

I’ve disappointed myself in the amount of content I’ve been putting up recently. It’s been busy at work, so I blame it mostly on that. I recently realized how much I depend on the things I carry with me everyday to keep my life in order. I’ll start with the most basic item: my wallet.

I remember growing up; I refused to carry a wallet for whatever reason. I would just throw everything in my pockets and constantly lose stuff. Now I’m in a different time, a time of organization and keeping track of my stuff! I must say, it’s a better time to be in.

I scooped up a Corter Leather bi-fold wallet about 3 months ago and it hasn’t left my jeans yet.

This piece started out untanned, in just a few months it’s developed such a beautiful patina.

I’ve grown to love the indigo stained threading as well. The half dollar turned into a button-snap is my favorite detail of all. As far as durability, this wallet is virtually indestructible; and I’m not quite sure how considering it’s just two pieces of leather. I’m also not quite sure how I can fit so much stuff into this. I’m currently carrying about 12-14 cards, some old Indian head coins that my grandma gave to me, and usually (if I’m lucky) some amount of cash.

This thing will be around for awhile, and I’ll be sure to occasionally post some new up to date pictures. Make sure you check out Corter and if you’re in the market for leather goods, pick something up. You’ll be supporting a good cause and investing money in something that you’ll have in your life for years.

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