Instrumental Winter

As the year dwindles down towards its end, we’re rewarded with a well welcomed season change, Hello Fall. Temperature drops and humidity decreases, making going outside a hell of a lot more enjoyable. This is the time of year I look forward to from the day it ended last September.

I will spend the rest of the year listening to instrumental music, I’m really not sure why – it just fits. Absolutely nothing beats a bike ride in beautiful weather while listening to This Will Destroy You or falling asleep to Explosions in the Sky with that amazing feeling of knowing you can sleep in the following day. We get so caught up in the everyday life, that sometimes we forget how to appreciate the simple things.

I would strongly encourage you to check out any (or all) of these bands, and use the music as more than just sound. Use it as a way to clear your head, to think, be inspired, to design, or just use it to fall asleep.

These bands will definitely change your life and give you this unexplainable feeling of time just stopping.

explosions in the sky – the earth is not a cold dead place

this will destroy you – young mountain

mono – hymn to the immortal wind

caspian – the four trees

glowworm – the coachlight woods



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4 responses to “Instrumental Winter

  1. Was just browsing your site and happened upon this post. Epic. I was totally going to make a similar one. Strong work.

  2. i’ve been a huge fan of explosions in the sky forever so i know i can trust your taste. i am definitley gonna check out these bands and play them properly!

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