Daily Necessities: The Hill-Side Bandanna & Corter Brewster Wallet

I’m not sure why I like to carry so much stuff around in my pockets, and I’m not really sure why it’s necessary to have a selvedge bandanna… but that’s besides the point.

I carry around a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis, and I used to lose a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Wether it be from falling out of my pocket, or just being left somewhere. Well, that’s all changed, thanks to this Corter Brewster Wallet. It’s the perfect size to keep most of my every day items in. It’s currently storing a security card for work, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Compact Flash cards, a thumb drive, and an Indian Head penny that my great Grandmother gave to me. Honestly, it helps me not forget these things when I’m out and about, and it stays in my back pocket so it’s never left at home.

I keep my outfits pretty plain for the most part, so I rely on accessories and my beard to keep things interesting. I’m really happy I picked up a The Hill-Side Chambray bandanna. First off, I love everything selvedge, and it’s come in handy multiple times as a number of things: a napkin, defense mechanism for Florida’s summers, a towel for my iPhone, and even a make-shift bottle opener. This will be riding in my back pocket for the long run.

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