The perfect Parka

This has been quite the ordeal, as the colder weather gets closer here in Florida. I definitely want to have something, so that the day I walk outside and it’s 30 degrees, I’ll be one step ahead of Mother Nature. I’m also going back up to Pittsburgh to visit my family, so I’m in need of something. I was working on a jacket under $300,  so that took out the Cameraman jacket. There are so many solid garments out this year that I’ve been having a hard time making my mind up…

Now, onto the candidates.

Apolis Activism Waxed Canvas Anorak $278

At first, I was totally against a “black” Parka, but it’s sort of grown on me. I wanted a more traditional color: navy, hunter green, or a dark tan – but I like the subtleness of black. The fit seems really modernized, but still generous in the larger sizes (I’m wearing an XL.) This seems more fitting for Florida, it’s only 8.5 oz canvas and it’s got a some breath-ability via eyelets in the arm pit area. I’ve loved everything these guys are doing with their line, especially the super cool Nomad Case – which I will one day purchase. Make sure to check their collection out, and give the blog a read. It’s really good stuff.

Penfield Farlstad $220

I’ve always liked this model, everything about it. The heritage of the brand, and the tried & true reputation that goes behind it. A lot of the other parka’s I’ve been looking at aren’t made in the US, where as this piece is. The detail and craftsman ship are guaranteed to be extra solid (it’s made in America, c’mon!)

Some of the details on this parka are an adjustable hood, front phone pocket, two front snap enclosure pockets, inner-lined wind stopper, ribbed waist band for a ‘varsity’ fit around the waist, and everyones favorite material: water repellent waxed cloth.

Garbstore Mountain Providence Parka II $400

Even though this piece is out of my price range, I’m going to mention it because I love the Garbstore. They did various colors of this jacket, but I liked this one the best. Navy with those grey highlights creates a really awesome color way that would mix in with my whole wardrobe really nicely. Subtle tones and two of my favorite colors. I really dig the Japanese wool lining running throughout the hood and shoulder area as well. Leather pull strings, adjustable hem pull, and storm flap. You name it, this jacket’s got it.

Man, I may need to up my price range.

Albam Trail Parka $300

This jacket is absolutely amazing. What else needs said other than they’re using the fabric that made “who made Filson what they are today.” The jacket has got a modern fit with a really awesome mixture of materials. A thick waterproof canvas outer shell, a Japanese chambray hood liner, leather zip pulls. What more can you want? Oh, you want a hood visor? It’s got that too. Such an awesome feature that I’ve wanted on a jacket for a very long time. Take a few minutes and check out the rest of the Albam collection, I’m sure you’ll find something you like… actually, I’m positive you will.

Crossing my fingers, I just reached out to Albam to see if my size is available in the color I liked the most: Hickory Brown. If it’s available, this may take the cake.


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11 responses to “The perfect Parka

  1. SK

    And Crescent Down Works ?
    Perfect parka. And I live in a really rainy country. I know what it means.

  2. I absolutely love their down jackets and especially their down vests, but it’s just hard for me to get away with such a thick jacket in Florida. That’s why I went for more “shell” type options.

  3. SK

    But the Montagne Parka ? It’s a simple parka, and not a down sweater.

  4. I did see that, but I was steering away from Navy. I’ve been breaking in a Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo work shirt plus Tellason denim. I think it’d be too much blue going on, haha. I don’t really think the price point is very good either, you can get a vintage Woolrich 60/40 that’s pretty much the same thing is that for $40 on eBay.

  5. SK

    This parka comes in olive too :
    It’s a very cool parka.
    I’m from Brittany, a region in the north-west of France. Rainy…

  6. I do like the olive. It’s hard to sort of see the details of the jacket though. What would you think would make it worth the price increase as to say just going with a vintage Woolrich 60/40?

  7. SK

    This parka is like the famous 60/40 of Sierra Design ( the Grail…)

  8. That shade of green is amazing. You should try and find one of those on eBay, that’s a beautiful jacket that I’m sure will run you less than $350 USD.

  9. SK

    I think the better is to wait and find a vintage Sierra Design Parka instead of paying too much expensive for a a pale imitation^^. You can’t find better.
    Good evening.

  10. Lina Borg Vassallo

    would like to buy a parka for a holiday in Boston, Martha’s Vinyard for the month of December.
    Where can i get one and please provide price range.

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