Makr Carry Goods – New site!

My good friends over at Makr Carry Goods just redesigned their web site and made a lot of new product available for purchase. It was so hard to keep my mouth closed about Makr’s expansion into canvas carry goods, so I’m glad they’re finally public. I must say, the craftsmanship and durability of these bags is unreal, and it’s definitely the most manly tote I’ve seen. I witnessed Jason designing the exact measurements of this bag, and I must tell you that he went for nothing short of absolute perfection. Who knows how many samples later, they’re finally available! The price points are amazing for the quality and time Jason has put into crafting these bags.


Take a look at the new Makr site and swoon over how rad the new product is, and take a gander at that Baxter Straight-Edge Razor is. If I shaved, I’d be all over that one.

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