LayerxLayer Knapsack

I really wanted to get everyone really rad gifts this year, quality stuff that would last them awhile and be utilized often. My girlfriend had been wanting a nice bag, so I did some research and wanted to find something that was feminine, but also spacious & sturdy. I stumbled upon Layerxlayer sometime ago in one of my “I’m up way too late browsing the internet for awesome stuff” kind of dazes, and even in that state of mind – managed to bookmark their site. Once I realized a nice day pack would be a really awesome gift for her, I went back and ordered one of their bags with hopes that it’d be crafted & delivered on time, and it was. Score!

Anyways, onto the bag:

The bag is a really, really sturdy denim twill that will definitely stand the test of time, think Filson canvas – it’s ALMOST that heavy. The design of the bag itself is really nice subtle, but not so subtle that it’s boring. The cardinal zipper lining, plus the natural canvas web make this bag super easy on the eyes. The YKK zipper is a minor detail that I always look for in bags or jackets. Sturdy was one of the things I was looking for, and these two have outdone themselves again by using hand-set rivets to secure the shoulder straps, which is definitely a better way to keep those crucial straps in place. The envelope sized front pocket can be removed, but I have no idea why you would – it’s the thing on this bag that differentiates it from anything else I’ve seen. Pattrick & Leah threw in one of their signature “twigs” – which my girlfriend tied onto the bag. At a really decent price point ($139.99) if you are looking for a bag for someone special, this is definitely an awesome choice, and a good investment.


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7 responses to “LayerxLayer Knapsack

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  2. Amanda

    Want this ❤

  3. Garri

    Just looking through your old posts and I wanna get that goodie that your girlfriend is wearing for my girl, got an idea of who it’s by or wear I can find it?

  4. i can see how you thought it was a hoodie, and thats actually a pretty rad idea! good luck in creating that, i’d like to see it when you’re done!


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