Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots

I guess I’m bad at packing, or it was just a subliminal way to make myself okay with buying another pair of boots, but the one thing I had my mind set on before embarking was packing my Red Wings, and I somehow forgot them back home. Walking around in Atlanta the first night was such a chore, they just had a heavy snow storm, and there was still slush, ice, and puddles of water everywhere. I got stuck dodging all of these disasters trying to save the suede on a brand new pair of Quoddys. Well the following morning I was wandering around Little Five Points and stumbled into a neat little store named Abbadabba’s that had an amazing selection of nice footwear: Redwing, Sebago, Birkenstocks, Clarks, and last but not least, Wolverine. I hadn’t been able to find a Wolverine dealer that carried 1,000 Miles in Florida, and I wanted to see these in the flesh before making the investment.

It didn’t take much convincing, after I initially set my hands on them I had already made up my mind. It was an investment worth investing in. I went with my normal size, a 10.5D and the fit was perfect. They are roomy throughout, but snug enough to make walking around in them all day not uncomfortable. The toe-box has plenty of room, and I’ve been wearing them with J.Crew camp socks. The classic leather sole gives the boot a more “dressy” silhouette which is something I was missing  in my footwear arsenal. They are Goodyear Welted which allows for them to be resoled whenever necessary, making these shoes a friend that you’ll know for a lifetime. Made from the one and only Horween Chromexcel leather:

“Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather; using time honored techniques and formulas that were developed nearly 100 years ago.  Chromexcel is still produced in the United States using a bark retannage from a proprietary recipe, and then genuine hot stuffed with our secret blend of natural oils and grease.” -Horween Leather

I’ve been a really big fan of Chromexcel since wearing my Oak Street Trail Oxfords. It’s tough and can be worn without worry, which is such a great thing. I like buying a boot/shoe that I can wear and not worry if it gets a little scuffed up, muddy, or even wet. It’s no fun to have to watch every step you take, worrying about scuffing your expensive footwear. Well, I should probably get off the internet, and start walking… only about 992 miles left to go, and I’m sure that’s just the beginning.

Thanks Wolverine, for putting together such a timeless boot.


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12 responses to “Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots

  1. Andrew

    Great blog you have here, can’t wait for more updates. Have a pair of 1000 mile boots myself and love them, they just get better after each wear.

  2. Thanks for the write up , good sir. I am a long time employee of Abbadabba’s, and a huge men’s style nerd. My boy Ryan helped you out with those. Stop in and ask for Mr. Noose next time you’re in the ATL. And you’ve got a quality blog going. We all check it on the reg.

  3. Great pics buddy! Glad you are enjoying them!

    • Paule


      for a few days I’m now also a happy owner of the Wolverine 1000 miles.
      I was happy to find out that the leather sole is not really slippery and my planned addition of a vibram sole not necessary. What are your experiences?
      Also- I was thinking of using them when riding my motorbike. Do you think they’re sturdy enough for some real work?

      • Paule,

        Congratulations on owning a pair of 1,000 Miles – I’m sure that you will not be disappointed as they are a damn fine boot. I can’t speak for the leather soles traction on ice, which is where I know people complain about leather soles. I would definitely avoid snow/ice with them, that about as much as I know. I wouldn’t hesitate to ride with them! Just make sure you condition them with a nice leather oil before hand. I know road salt and such can do serious damage to nice leather, and you definitely wouldn’t want that.

        Thanks for writing!

  4. Paule

    I really like them.
    Do you recommend conditioning them while they’re still new? I have beeswax that I’ve been using on other leather goods with good results.
    Good advice for winter. I might get a Vibram sole attached then for that. Also to protect the leather sole. Or just wear my other shoes. The 1000 Miles are actually light enough for warm weather.

    • I think that an initial coat is just going to prolong the life of them, honestly it doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t use beeswax on those, I would get something like Obenauf’s LP – its going to darken them up a little bit but it really does a great job at keeping the leather in awesome shape. If I was you, I would just pick up a pair of Red Wings or something with a lug sole for winter, if you’re in an area that snows. You should be able to find some for ~$150 on eBay.

  5. Paule

    One more question:
    Do you recommend to use a shoetree for the Wolverines and similar boots like Redwing GT?

    • Paule,

      It definitely doesn’t hurt, it helps get the moisture out of them after a long day in them, and also keeps the toe box up. I do not use shoe trees, but it’s definitely not a bad idea. It’s going to prolong the life of a pair of boots and help them keep their shape longer.

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