Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

I decided I wanted to try out a wallet with more space with the hopes it would help me stay more organized, keep receipts, and maybe actually force me to keep cash on me. Because, although this helps you save money, it is not very gentleman like. My main focus was finding something that would have longevity, simple stitching, a vintage silhouette, crafted in the United States, and of course: be crafted of vegetable tanned, natural toned leather. This wallet is perfect for me, it’s got a very spacious bill slot, a coin pouch that is sealed off with a heavy-duty zipper, and just enough card slots to give you enough space, but not too much to add bulk to the wallet. Crafted by the good folks over at Tanner Goods of Portland, OR. Constructed of beautiful 3/4oz English Bridle Leather to ensure longevity. This is a wallet I’ll have for many years to come.


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16 responses to “Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

  1. Is the color closer to an orange or tan? Your pictures look a bit darker than the pictures found on TannerGoods.com

    Thank you

    • I have the natural colored wallet, at first its a really nice tan color. Once the sun hits it and you’ve got it in your back pocket for 4-5 months it’ll darken up to more of a saddle tan color. Just treat it properly with leather conditioner and wear it well.

      • Do you think the natural color is a bit too light for the fall/winter months?

      • So you keep this breast wallet in your back pocket? How much of it sticks out the back? I am currently in the checkout process for the Havana color lol. I don’t think I could pull of the Natural color as this will be my wallet for the Fall/Winter months.

      • Yea, about a half an inch sticks out. The Havana is a beautiful color, that’ll also darken up – just make sure to treat it properly with some leather oil. It will help darken it.

  2. No way, it looks great and it ages beautifully. Before you know it, it will be a wonderful shade of brown/saddle tan. Natural is awesome because you sort of get to see it evolve and get more beat up by the day. It will be completely unique to you, it never ages the same.

    • Sounds great! Thanks for your help, I will be placing an order for the natural color soon. By the way, I love you blog, it’s exactly the kind of stuff I like; staples/essentials. I post some similar stuff on my tumblr; kangalex.tumblr.com/

      Thanks again, and have a great 4th of July weekend!

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  4. Griffin

    I recently ordered one of the Tanner credit card holder wallets and I liked it so much that I ordered a Workman wallet (natural) the other night. My question is : Do they still make the workman wallet any longer in the color saddle tan ?? I read a couple forums where people said that the natural color will change color to a saddle tan after some wear and tear. Is that right ? Also can you recommend a good leather oil to use with your wallets?? If you can recommend the name of something and where I might buy? Is mink oil something you would recommend ? I really like that saddle tan color 🙂 Please let me know if anyone has any input…I appreciate it and Thanks 🙂

    • Griffin,

      I think Tanner Goods is in the midst of revamping the workman wallet. I know that is not available on their online shop right now for that reason. Mine started out natural, and it’s ended up a dark brown. If you wanted it to be brighter, I would oil it and let it sit in the sun light for a day or so. I use Obenauf’s Leather Protector + Obenauf Leather Oil and would definitely recommend it. Let me know if I can help you with anything else, you can shoot me an e-mail on the “contact me” page.


      • Griffin

        I appreciate you getting back to me with the great info. I’m assuming that you work for Tanner Goods ?? Since your revamping the Workman line, does that mean I’ll have to wait a while before my order is filled. I’m only asking because I put my order in a couple days ago and have heard anything. Either way, I’m stoked to see the new wallet when it’s ready. Thanks for getting back to me !

      • Griffin

        Hi guys, 
        I just received my Workman wallet in natural and its very nice but HUGE !!  Are they only made in one size?  They look so much smaller in the pictures I have viewed online.  My friend has one and said his measured 6 inches long but mine measures 7 1/2 inches.  I’m not usually this picky…I promise 🙂  I’m not even sure how to carry it and hangs almost halfway out of my pocket.  Any advice guys?  Does it wear in well?  Will it ever seem any smaller ?  

  5. Nils

    Hey Griffin!
    I am looking into buying myself a new wallet and the workman wallet from tanner goods looks tempting. But it is big.
    However, I am trying to find pictures of it when worn in a jeans back pocket. But I am having a hard time finding any.
    If you or anyone else would be so kind and post some that would be fabulous. Just so I can get a feeling of the size. There are sadly no stores in Sweden where I can go and check out the products.

      • Griffin

        I don’t have any pics right now of the wallet in my back pocket. It does stick out about an 1/12 inches but think it wears really well with jeans. I use it as my winter wallet and really only wear it with jeans. It has broken in beautifully to a saddle tan color. I can send you a picture if you send me your email ? Tanner Goods makes very high quality leather products which cannot be beat !! It’s a great wallet which will last a lifetime.

  6. Niz

    Griffin! If you feel like it you can always upload some pictures at http://imageshack.us/ and just post the url? Would be nice to see the progress of your workman wallet as well. /N

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