Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo Workshirt @ 3 Months

Well, this post is slightly delayed but last week I finally gave my Rogue Territory workshirt a wash, and I was really pleased with the results. It softened up a lot, and also brought out some of the whiskering around the elbows and sleeve openings. The sleeves shortened by about an inch, as did the total length of the shirt – making it fit exactly how I wanted it to(thanks Felicia). I’m excited to see how it breaks even at a year.


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10 responses to “Rogue Territory Dbl Indigo Workshirt @ 3 Months

  1. Eric

    Looking good. So tempted to give mine a wash now after 3 months, but not going to give in, so I can wait until the heat here is just too unbearable 🙂 Mind showing some pics of the tailoring? I’ll just be rolling the sleeves now since the weather is really heating up here in C. FL, but I really need to shorten the length. Just curious how it turned out.

    • Eric, I’m going to be taking some fit pictures this weekend and I’ll post them up. Thanks so much for the comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the shirt. I’m in C.Florida as well. St. Pete/Tampa area.

  2. shirt looks awesome Ryan. Great pics!

  3. Emil Ă…hlberg

    Hi, Ryan

    I’m thinking about buying this shirt aswell, have you noticed any shrinkage in width on the shoulders or the chest ? Because I’m really picky when it comes to measurements on shoulders!

    Best regards,

    • Emil,

      This is my favorite shirt, by far. The fabric starts out extremely tough, and I’d suggest wearing it three months minimum before it touches water. It’s going to bleed a decent amount within the first week or so, but I didn’t have that many issues. The shoulders are snug, and the fit is really slim in the chest. Being a bigger guy (at the time I started wearing it, I was about 6’2, 240lbs) it was tight in the stomach area at first (to much beer.) I have broad shoulders, and it fits me just fine. Also, you’ll notice the sleeve length and body length are long at first, but I’d really advise against a hot soak. You’re going to see some really rad fades if you wear it for a bit and then wash it. What size did you plan on buying and what is your build?

  4. Emil

    I’m thinking about buying size XL or XXL. I have two others shirts that have the same size as XL and I’m 6’o ft. I guess I’m gonna wear it as a overshirt when the bleeding is done, I don’t mind the chest being too large. What size do you have ?

    • this is an extremely slim fitting shirt, honestly i should of got xxl instead of xl, but i made it work because i was losing weight already. if you’re 220+ and have a beer belly, i’d go xxl. karl would always exchange it if need be.

    • Emil,

      I just spoke with Karl over at Rogue Territory and he does have an XXL left in stock. I would get the XXL and hot soak it if the sleeves/body are too long. Shoot him an e-mail at and tell him you know me. He’ll hook you up. I believe he took the shirts off the site, but he will sell you one. You’ll love it man!

  5. Emil


    Thanks for yor concern, I decided to go with the XXL ! 🙂

    Keep up the good work with your blog, I simply love it. It’s like an american Emil, ten years from now. (I guess you’re not 31 … ? )

    Best regards,

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