Tellason Jeans @ 4 Months

I have been a really big supporter of Tellason since I first met my good internet pal, Michael Andersen. I was in the market for a new pair of American made selvedge denim that made up to a size 38 waist, a good fit that flattered even the bigger waist sizes, authentic details, and Cone Denim. I did my research on the brand, and was impressed that the jeans were 100% American made, every step of the way. From the materials, to the production itself.

  • 12.5oz White Oak Denim (Greensboro, NC)
  • Natural Leather Patch (Portland, OR)
  • Antique Hardware (Kentucky)

The denim is cut & sewn in downtown San Francisco, CA, and quality controlled by Tony and Pete (the minds behind Tellason.) The end product is plain and simple: a durable pair of jeans, authentic details, and a great fit. Nothing more, nothing less. The details on these jeans are inspired by vintage denim, back before it was mass produced.

  • Canvas reinforced pocket lining
  • Chain-stitched hem
  • Hidden “Legal” tab in the back pocket (Levi copyrighted the red tab on jeans)
  • Antique copper rivets
  • Button fly
  • Oversized coin pocket
  • Hand-burnished leather patch by the boys at Tanner Goods

I’m now on my second pair of Tellason’s and am hoping I can wear these ones for years to come. Here are some photos of a pair of sz. 36’s after 4 months of everyday wear, a normal wash and air dry.


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8 responses to “Tellason Jeans @ 4 Months

  1. Bout time. They’re breaking in nicely mate.

    I’m actually looking to get some new denim. Considering 3sixteen straight, baldwin 77, and rogue territory stanton. Advice?

    • this is such a hard question, because all of these jeans would be a great choice. honestly, it all depends on how you want them to wear in, with cone denim, you aren’t going to get high contrast fades, more of a vintage style break in. all the jeans you listed are using japanese denim, so they’re all going to fade with more noticeable patterns, i’ve heard amazing things about the rogue territory stanton, and am a huge fan because i really like the pen pocket. the 3sixteen BSP series is awesome, the details are unmatched. baldwin 77 is a classic and i really like peoples worn in pictures of those. depending on the kind of shoes you wear, i’d avoid the straight fit because even us bigger dudes (i think you’re a 36) can get away with wearing a slim fit jeans, and it’ll look good with all types of shoes/boots.

      • Thanks for the input bruv. I have White Oak in 3 pairs of jeans (Tellason, Levis 47, original ROY), so it’s going to be good trying something different. I went to Self Edge to check out 3sixteen but unfortunately I wasn’t thoroughly impressed. Rogue doesn’t have my size online, so due to my impatience, I ordered the Baldwin 77s this weekend. Maybe I’ll look into Rogue next time I’m in LA, but I’m also looking at the TellasonXWoodlands 15oz collab with, but maybe go in a different direction and get the Denim Demon Ajja for my next pair of jeans.

      • I only wear jeans made in the USA so the Tellason x Woodlands 15oz is probably going to be my next pair. I may scoop up a pair in a 34 since I’m still losing weight.

  2. Great jeans, keep up the good work. I work with “Trove” General Store, located in Paoli, Pa. “Trove” General Store is just starting to come into its own. They are very a creative and a hard working group, always looking/searching on how to make things better…including each one of them.
    They expect to open several new locations, which are currently “in the works”. “Trove” wishes to have Tellason jeans as one of their Lead Clothing lines. The material quality, the cut, the fit make these jeans a standout at any event.

  3. I just grabbed a pair today. An update on how they have faded/aged would be amazing. I know your photography style has changed with the swap in camera, however I’m still interested. Still holding up well?

  4. tonio

    Hey there. Are you still wearing these jeans? Would be great to see some 12-mo photos. Appreciate it!

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