Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boot

I won’t bore you with paragraphs of history behind what makes Wolverine, well, Wolverine.  Instead, I’ll keep it short and sweet – if you want history, click here. If you do not care, and just want to see pictures of some awesome boots – scroll down. My good friend Steve Musha has been breaking in a pair of 1,000 Miles for a year now, and I wanted some pictures of them. They still look as good as new, and they’re holding up extremely well even after being worn daily. These started out as the “Rust” color so you can see that the sunlight has really brightened them up. They have been treated a few times with boot oil to keep the Florida sun rays from drying out the leather. I’ll have more photos up once I have access to Lightroom again, but for now I hope these will suffice.


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18 responses to “Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boot

  1. Nice shots. I’ve been trying to decide between the 1,000 Mile and the Iron Ranger for a minute now. Still haven’t made a firm decision.

    • I love my RedWings dearly, but my 1,000 miles are definitely more comfortable. I have really terrible arches so this may cause the 1,000 mile to feel better for me. Try them both on, walk around in them. Make sure you get the right size, thats what it comes down to in the end. Even being off a 1/2 size will cause you so much discomfort.

      • I can’t echo that enough. I went down a size and a half on my (beloved) iron rangers, and then added some insoles for support. The slight change made the toe box pretty uncomfortable when wearing them for long periods of time, and I still feel like I’m breaking them in a year+ later, while those 1000 miles start as soft and supple as can be.

        I love my Red Wings, but if you’re wondering – those Wolverines are truly worth every dollar the cost.

        Wolverine on Vimeo

      • Couldn’t agree more, Keith. Redwings are great but Wolverines are going to be super comfortable right out of the box.

  2. C. Smith

    What pants does he have on for the shoot?

  3. Guy

    What version of the 1000 Mile Boot are these? They’re cap toe, so they’re not Original, but they’re not the Rockfords. They look like the Darby which is part of the Gentleman collection, but they clearly say 1000 Mile on the eyelets.

  4. Jeremy

    Are those the Darby boots?

  5. Ryan

    which 1000 mile model is this exactly. hoping these come in black

  6. Ryan

    spoke a little too soon. never bothered to check the site. looks like the Rockford. online retailers that carry these in black handy anyone?

  7. There isn’t one place in Richmond where I can try the 1k Mile on before purchasing them. I normally wear an 8.5. What size do you suggest I buy?

  8. Those are the Darby’s from the Gentleman collection, by the way.

  9. Skylar

    Does anyone happen to know the sizing comparison of the Iron Ranger/Red Wing boot to the Wolverine Darby or 1000 Mile?

    • Skylar, I don’t own Iron Rangers, but I know they’re narrow in the middle. 1,000 Miles fit the same way, so I would think you would go with the same size. Shoot me an e-mail if you need anything else, thanks for reading.

  10. Thomas


    there is some confusion about the Darbys. On them it says 1000 Mile, but on the Wolverine site they were (yes, not produced anymore) listed under Gentleman. Can you tell us whether they’re made in the US?

    • Thomas,

      I believe the pair my friend Steve is wearing is 100% made in America. I know that the new iterations are not though.

      • Thomas

        Thanks. Very interesting to hear.
        A bit of a pity that Wolverine didn’t by default have all 1000 Miles produced in the US to avoid any confusion.
        I saw the Darbys two days ago and the shopowner confirmed that they’re not made in the US.

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