Sockless Spring

It’s getting hot, so that means no more Red Wings or Wolverines. Thankfully, I’ve got myself covered…

Quoddy for South Willard – $218

This is such an awesome pair of mocassins. I really haven’t got to enjoy them for too long, but they’re super comfortable and go well with everything. I love the way this rough suede and brick sole go together.

Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxfords  – $236

What can I say about these that hasn’t already been said? These are as tough as nails and can be worn dressed up, or outdoors. They just recently got touched up by a cobbler, whom I feel did an amazing job. I had scuffed them up quite a bit, but a little navy dye goes along way.


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4 responses to “Sockless Spring

  1. How long have you been wearing the Quoddy’s?

    • They were a Christmas present, so I’ve been wearing them since Christmas – off and on. It takes some getting used to, I’m used to wearing really heavy duty boots that can take a beating, I don’t want to scuff the Quoddys up too bad.

  2. Challie

    Hows the fit on the moccasins? True to size? Have they stretched at all?

    • I went with my Red Wing size in the Quoddys and at first the toe box was a little small. It’s definitely given a little bit and now they are super comfortable. Took about 30 wears to break them in.


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