Layerxlayer Wayfarer Knapsack

Patrick & Leah over at Layerxlayer are always up to something, sometimes awesome vegan recipes, or sometimes making so-tough-you’ll-hand-it-down bags. This is the second bag I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person, and the first one I’ll be carrying with me everyday. The canvas will soften up and fade with sun exposure, it should look really badass in a year or so. Completely made in the USA, by just two individuals, and every material that goes into one of their bags is sourced domestically. Awesome details from denim rivets, reinforced stitching throughout, rope & grommet tope closure, denim pocket on the front, and beeswax coated ends on the canvas straps. Tons of pockets for storing your goods and even a handy pencil pocket.

Without a doubt, there are plenty of options when it comes to a standard daypack. This one takes on a different style, lately it’s been all about hiking packs, mountaineering, etc. Patrick & Leah switch up the market with a whole new silhouette. It has a very “nautical” look to it – reminiscent to the bag a sailor would pack and take with him out to sea.

So how much will it run you? One dollar short of two Ben Franklins, and it is available for purchase over at the Layerxslayer online shop. These bags are made to order, so you’ll have to wait about two weeks to receive it. Check back in because I will be taking shots of this bag as it gets more & more worn in.


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3 responses to “Layerxlayer Wayfarer Knapsack

  1. As always, great write up and photos Ryan. Cheers

  2. Donna

    As a fellow Red Wing freak, I’d love to know the style number for the three eyelet boots shown in this posting. I’d love to have a pair of these for casual wear instead of wearing my Red Wing work boots 24/7. Although my gender is female, I order men’s Red Wings one size smaller than my normal size (although I don’t really think I have any women’s shoes…) and they fit like a charm. Again- thanks for the blog. I love it.


    • Donna,

      I think you may of commented on the wrong post! The only three eyelet Redwings I have are my Redwing Work Chukka’s. They’re really comfortable and the Super-sole lasts forever. Thanks for reading!

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