Summer Blues

If I had to pick the pieces I wore the most, these would be them. I guess I sort of like indigo… maybe a little too much.

Shirt: Rogue Territory Double Indigo Work Shirt

Jeans: Tellason

Bandanna: Vintage Made in the USA

Shoes: Oakstreet Bootmakers Navy Trail Oxford


Filed under Oak Street Bootmakers, Rogue Territory, Tellason, What I'm wearing

4 responses to “Summer Blues

  1. Where do you find your vintage handkerchiefs?

  2. Mutsuo Inaoka

    I would like to buy Rogue Territory Double Indigo Workshirt. My shipping address is Japan.
    Could you let me know how to pay it?

    • Mutsuo,

      I unfortunately do not work for Rogue Territory – so I am not sure if he has any more of these left. Your best bet would be to e-mail him at Karl [at] rogueterritory [dot] com and ask him. I know there is a newer version of this shirt being released later this year. Thanks for reading!

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