Tellason, Tellason, Tellason…

For the last two years I have been trying to get myself in better shape, unfortunately – this makes it hard to really wear in a pair of denim. I’ve went from a size 40, all the way down to a 34 – which is where I’ll be staying. I’ve stuck with Tellason all the way from the beginning… so, heres to wearing in these size 34’s in properly. Thanks again, Tellason – for hooking me up with one of the last pairs of their first run of denim. They have a good home here… a long with the 3 other pairs.


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2 responses to “Tellason, Tellason, Tellason…

  1. Good job, also great to see some some Tellason pics- I dunno how you managed to put a hole in that back pocket. I gotta pair of the TellasonxTenue de Nimes and they are practically bullet proof.

    • i had a serious concho on my wallet – i took a fall onto concrete and it went right through. not the denims fault! tellason have been my go to jeans for awhile now – and that’s not changing.

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