Vegetable Tanned Camera Strap by Draught Dry Goods

Caesy Oney, who hails from Portland, but is currently residing in Montana, where he creates a few really practical leather goods – and rides a pretty badass motorcycle. He is the one-man operation behind Draught Dry Goods. I was in desperate need for a camera strap that had some character to it, something sturdy enough to lug around my D200. The Olivier camera strap in a natural vegetable tanned leather looked like the perfect match. Brass hardware to secure the camera to the strap, and doubled-up rivets to make sure the strap itself won’t give out on you. The strap is also adjustable, so depending on your height, or how you want to use it – it  can be altered. This leather will darken with time (obviously) to a golden brown. Thank you again, Caesy.

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