Rough hands

I’ve been wanting to pick up a ‘craft’ for a long time now, but it seemed to always fall on the back burner due to whatever excuses I came up with. I finally went to my local Tandy shop, bought some leather scraps, tools, and then put together a small work shop to start creating my own leather goods in. I’ve been so inspired by a few great craftsman, and all around good people:

I’ve been hand stitching and attempting to start producing things I can actually use, but for the most part I felt it was important to be able to consistently stitch evenly and quickly – so I’m working on that first. I have been having so much fun, despite the incredible finger blisters and lack of measuring knowledge – I have still been able to better my skill day by day. I would strongly suggest you take on a craft, and put some time/effort into working on it. It is worth it.


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5 responses to “Rough hands

  1. Bravo,
    Leather work is a righteous craft, that will leave your hands weathered, but your soul healed.
    Paul C.

  2. Inspiring post (and blog for that matter)! Thanks so much!

  3. Ed

    As with any craft, one thing that my Dad taught me that’s stuck with me and proved to be true over time… “measure twice, cut once”. Good luck with it all!


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