RRL Jeans & Stratford Work Jacket

This is not a women’s fashion blog, but I do have an appreciation for anything that’s well made – and these fit that bill. Here are two new RRL pieces my girlfriend picked up. Both made in the USA with superb attention to detail. The jeans are the RRL “Boy Fit” 12oz selvedge denim in a size 24, and the jacket is the Stratford Work jacket, made from a 13oz selvedge denim. Enjoy the photos.


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13 responses to “RRL Jeans & Stratford Work Jacket

  1. How long has she had the jeans? They look awesome!

    • hey!

      rrl actually does an amazing job with pre-distressing. these jeans are brand new! ps: i checked out your blog and am glad you picked up a pair of 1,000 miles – i love mine as well! keep up the good work.


  2. Amazing pics. I am really impressed with your site, and will continue to check in. I found you thru ACL, and I am adding you to my blog roll.
    Robert @ AmericanAntler.blogspot.com

  3. I was considering getting a pair of Baldwins for my girlfriend, but seeing these pics I might have to reconsider!
    The 1000 Miles are awesome, I just finally started wearing them at work. I also have a pair of Tellasons… I love the smell. Please tell me that it never disappears.

    • Baldwin is definitely great denim, and is what I planned to purchase for my girlfriend! We happened to be at the Polo outlet and we found both of these gems. The jeans are really amazing! They retailed for $398 and they ended up costing $74! The jacket I think was retailing for $560 or somewhere around there, was about $90 bucks. Check out your local Polo outlet, because they get random RRL stuff in (and it is instantly 75% off)

      As for Tellason, they will be your favorite jeans. Cone Denim wears so beautifully. Wear them in good health, along with those Wolverines.

  4. Love your blog. I discovered it on ACL and am adding it to my blogroll. I run a website dedicated to showcasing influential American-made fashion called HauteAmericana.com and was thrilled to come across another blog along the same vein. Good luck to you!

  5. Great looking stuff! The attention to detail on the darning and fading is really spot on. Great blog, great post! I’ll return regularly.

    • Thanks man! Yea, they did a great job – looks very authentic. My girlfriend has been trying to track down a pair of raws though, super hard to find in such a small waist size.

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