Tanner Goods

Some things just look better the older they get. Tanner Goods workman wallet & tether at roughly five months of everyday use, the coasters are at about a year.


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5 responses to “Tanner Goods

  1. Congrats on the ACL & Valet nods. Keep up the good work bud!

  2. I see denim stains. Good stuff man! I love the vague impression of beer bottles on the coasters.

    • They have definitely held a lot of beer bottles! Haha. The back side of my wallet is covered in denim blood, haha.

      I dig your blog man, I think awhile ago I tried to comment on your 1,000 mile post – but maybe it didn’t go through? I hope you are enjoying the boots, though. I am going to be working on a project of getting peoples worn in shots of their boots, so if you’re interested – shoot me an e-mail… lawlercon at gmail dot com


  3. Nice, nice, nice. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats the look and feel of good ole’ worn out leather.

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