LVC 1966 501’s

The search is finally over. I have wanted to pick up a pair of pre-distressed jeans for awhile now. I love my raw Tellason’s, but every now and then I do enjoy a different shade of indigo. I came about a pair of LVC 1966 501’s in a 34×34 and decided to try them out. The fit is a classic 501 straight leg, with a slightly tapered hem. They’re constructed from a 14oz Cone Mills red line selvedge denim with a lot of awesome vintage details that are historically accurate for that year in jeans. The 1966 model of the 501 symbolizes the first year that Levi’s finally started using bar tack’s rather than rivets on the back pockets of their jeans. This was done to stop blue jeans from scratching furniture once the rivet became exposed. These jeans also have the big “E” on the red tab, which was done away with four years later. The back pockets have the sewn in double arcuate, which is far from perfect looking – this was done to show the use of a single needle sewing machine. The wash on these shows a beautifully worn in pair of blue jeans, and how amazing Cone Mills denim fades over time. I am even more stoked to have my Tellason’s look like these someday.


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7 responses to “LVC 1966 501’s

  1. I agree with you on the finish–sometimes it is good to have some worn in, lived in jeans–they are beautiful.

  2. John Stevens

    Great post — but where did you find them?

  3. Sanforized

    Hah! I got a pair of 1966 LVC’s at the Barney’s outlet up here in Leesburg, VA for $42! I guess they sell enough when they’re new to offset peddling the poor sellers at a loss

  4. Grade A stuff. I’m unquesoitnalby in your debt.

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