Tanner Goods Custom Belt

A proper sized belt has been long overdue, mainly because I love how my Corter belt looks and feels after a year and a half of everyday wear. It was necessary though. I finally hit the point where I was using the fifth hole and even then, it still wasn’t holding my pants up. I decided to try out a Tanner Goods standard belt. These belts are hand cut from 11oz vegetable tanned leather, and assembled with American sourced hardware that is branded with the TG name. The guys over at Tanner Goods even took the time to hand stamp in “SIMPLE THREADS” to the back of the belt which I totally dig, even though no one else will see it – I still know it’s there. The buckle snaps are also mix & matched; the visible hardware is nickel but the inside is brass. The pictures below show the awesome evolution that natural vegetable tanned takes on after a year plus of wear, compared to a brand new belt. Thanks again Mike & Anthony for making me this one-off belt.


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11 responses to “Tanner Goods Custom Belt

  1. That is one sexy belt. I’ve had the natural Tanner with black hardware since last Oct. Top notch. Just ordered me a monogrammed Corter belt. Interesting. Congrats on the downsizing of the belt btw!

    • Nice man! Enjoy it. How are the Tellasons doing? I have been wearing these First Runs and I LOVE them. The 34 fits perfectly, the waist has stretched to a 35 which was necessary. Haha.

      Hope all is good on your end of the world,


      • My Tellasons are doing swell. Not going to lie, they did open up after a good hot soak at the 10 months mark, but not as much as I thought they would. It’s probably my sedimentary lifestyle these days, but my previous pairs faded a lot quicker. It’s been about 15 months since I’ve had them, but the wear feels more like 6 months. I’m glad to see your new jeans are doing well!

      • Its really just the Cone denim, it doesn’t have such a high contrast fade as Japanese fabrics. What jeans are you currently wearing day to day?

      • I’m actually wearing my Tellasons because the 12oz works well in the summer haha. I actually bought some Baldwins, but haven’t even gotten around to breaking them in at all due to the heat. Yeah yeah I know, it’s NorCal and I’m complaining like a little girl. I was actually going to try to go for a fading comp with Junichi-san over at Fortalitia54 because we got out Baldwins virtually at the same time, but I buggered out.

        The Mellors and some white selvedge RRLs are my day to day, both are super soft, comfy, and great for summer. I’m going to Outside Lands this weekend so I might wear my OG ROYs in the SF cold. One of these days I’ll commit to something else, but for now I’m just a creature of habit. Just curious how many Tellasons do you have? I’ve been considering picking up a Ladbroke fit, but I doubt I will be able to give them the attention they deserve.

      • I actually don’t have that many pairs of denim. I have a pair of Tellason First Cuts that are amazing but the rise is a bit too low for me – so I bought a pair of the Ankara straights from Tony (and we decided to do this giveaway as well!) – all my other pairs are in bigger waist sizes. I also have a pair of Strong Holds, and a pair of Rogue Territory Stantons in a 14oz Cone.

  2. Hmm… both my dog and I need a new belt/collar. I think I’ll look towards Tanner for this task. Awesome patina on the Corter belt!

  3. RD

    Which leather is that, natural or saddle tan?

  4. Stephen

    When you use Obenauf’s LP does the belt still tan after (exposing to UV) or does it put a stop to it?

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