I am totally guilty of wearing the same clothes for a few days in a row, but isn’t that what this stuff was made for? Durable garments that take on character the more you beat them up are fantastic, and much like denim, they get better & better with each wear. I’ve never been much for an oxford shirt, or “double monks” – but I am a huge fan of clothing that can be worn without worry. Stuff that isn’t ruined once it has a grass stain on the knee, a slight tear on the sleeve, or even spilling a quarter of a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce on the crotch. Thankfully, there’s a handful of guys out there that make garments that can still look awesome, even when they’re a bit beat up.


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12 responses to “Durability

  1. Great post and photos, as always Ryan. I love that Rogue Territory shirt.

  2. Nate

    Love the blog, however I’ve got to stick up for the oxford shirt crowd. I wear one just about everyday and they are just as durable as anything else I’ve ever run across.

  3. If I had a personal uniform, I think that would be it. Great post.

  4. Jay

    I just hope you aren’t wearing the same underwear a few days in a row as well. That said, you should do a blog on some made in usa undies.

  5. Chris

    What style of Red Wing boots are those? Thanks.

  6. do you know if those chino’s are available anywhere anymore? i cant seem to find them…

  7. Hi there, great blog, I want all your clothes! Could you tell me please what colour the Chino’s are? Is that the Khaki?

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