3sixteen x Woodlands Heavyweight Shirts

Quality, well fitting, timeless garments that stand out are what companies shoot to achieve when collaborating. Some of them fail, and some succeed. This is definitely a success story. The guys over at 3sixteen consistently produce quality garments, with the perfect fit – wether it’s a pair of jeans, or shirting. They stay true to these values with some help from Portlands very own Woodlands with picking a fabric for those wet & cold days. The best of the best, made in Oregon, and no stranger to any of us – Pendleton wool. These are slim enough to wear by themselves, but are also able to be layered. Being from Florida, I am crazy enough to be wearing a wool shirt in the summer. Unfortunately, they’re mostly sold out – but there are a few sizes still available (and on sale) at Woodlands & the 3sixteen online stores. You snooze you lose.


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3 responses to “3sixteen x Woodlands Heavyweight Shirts

  1. Dean

    Great looking stuff, but I don’t get it. Guys come in all sizes, but most of these well thought out, stylish, craft & work clothes oriented brands also follow “fashion” standards in sizing. Chest size 23″ pit to pit is only for the young and tight or thin body types. A why are bigger guys excluded from this stuff?


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