Tellason “First Cuts” @ 1 month

Denim evolution at 1 month? Extremely silly. I know, but I can’t help but say these are the quickest fading jeans I have ever worn. The denim is a discontinued Cone Mills denim that Tony & Pete used for their first run of jeans. It’s a 13.75oz denim with a redish-purple hue to it, Cone labels it the “Memphis” shade. I’ll be wearing these daily until they fall apart. It’ll be really interesting to see how these look when put next to a pair of Tellason’s my pal Clark Griffiths just started wearing. Two completely different types of Cone Denim that started being worn on the same day.


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6 responses to “Tellason “First Cuts” @ 1 month

  1. That Tanner Goods wallet left a prominent mark!

  2. Edwin Song

    I bought my first pair of Tellason denim today. Thanks to your site! I got the 12.5oz White Oak Cone Denim in the Ladbroke cut in a 35 waist.
    Can’t wait to break them in!! Now I need to save up for a nice Tanner belt!

    • Edwin,

      First off – awesome name. Second, congratulations! I hope you love them – but I’ll put my reputation on the line to say I know that you will. Please let me know how they turn out – you can contact me at lawlercon [at] gmail (dot) com

      Thanks for reading dude!

  3. mjeps

    I have a pair of Mellor’s that i bought about a year ago. After a lot of use I noticed the waist seems to have stretched out more than any other part of the jean. Have you had any experience or heard about this? And they are definitely a lower rise than I thought they would be.

    • Hey man,

      The waist on Cone denim will not shrink more than 1-3%. Have you been losing weight as well? Maybe that could be why they are thinner in the waist. Something you can do to take them back to their original size is a hot soak – have you tried that yet? Regarding the rise, the first run of Mellors had a really low rise that was altered to be higher later on. What size waist do you wear?

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