Tellason x Simple Threads Giveaway

I’ve been extremely stoked on the new 14.75oz red-line Tellason’s that are just now surfacing. What makes these unique is the fact they are constructed from an exclusive denim made just for Tellason by Cone Mills of NC. A beautiful fabric with an amazing indigo-y hue in a nice weight fabric that will definitely fade amazingly. Made in America goodness, all the way down to the buttons, rivets, and the patch made from my friends over at Tanner Goods.  There’s really not much I can say about these jeans that I haven’t already said, I just wanted to give someone a chance to own a pair of the new denim – in whatever fit, and in whatever size they want. Good luck!

The fits:

John Graham Mellor: The signature fit. Mid-rise. Slim-straight leg with a tapered opening.

Ladbroke Grove: The new mid-rise slim fitting model. Tapered opening.

Ankara Straight: A straight fit jean with more room in the thighs & the seat. Modeled after the collaboration between ACL & Tellason.

Q&A with Tony himself:

Q: The majority of your denim is sourced through Cone Mills – was it important to use a domestically produced denim for Tellason? Or was there more to it?

A: Yes and yes.  We really respect what Japanese mills create when it comes to denim fabric, there’s certainly no denying the beauty of their fabrics and the passion they put into it.  That said, it is our opinion that using US-made fabric is the right thing to do.  Not only does Cone White Oak fabric age well, it also performs really well with regard to shrinkage and stretching due to their superior sanforization (many thanks to the house of Strauss for that), but if we love the idea of the White Oak mill and it’s history, it is our duty to support it and help keep the jobs in Greensboro, NC.  Additionally, shipping fabric from Japan, either via boat or plane is very expensive and our jeans would certainly retail for significantly more if we used imported fabric.

Q: So what’s next? Anything new on the horizon?

A: Yes. As we speak, we have a denim shirt, weekender bag with Tanner Goods, and a collaboration with Smith+Butler in the works.  Our core will always be our three fits in our two fabrics, but it is fun and interesting to do these other projects.  Another, potentially very interesting project is in the beginning stages now and hopefully it will come to be every thing we hope it to be.

Q: Tellason jeans are cut & sewn right in San Francisco – where you & Pete both live – Was it important for you guys to be able to have this much visibility of your manufacturing?

A: Absolutely. We’re in the factory almost every day and have the ability to monitor every aspect of the process. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How to enter:

  1. Follow @simplethreads on twitter
  2. Follow @tellason on twitter
  3. Follow
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  5. Retweet the following message “Tellason x Simple Threads Giveaway –
  6. Reblog this post on Tumblr:
  7. Comment here with your twitter/tumblr alias so I can make sure you’re eligible.


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208 responses to “Tellason x Simple Threads Giveaway

  1. Matt P

    Just checking in @_MParks thingsthatpleaseme.tumblr


  3. Thanks for doing this!
    I really hope Tellason will be available in Toronto soon. As far as I know, nobody carries it.
    I’m glad I was able to pick up a pair when I was in San Francisco last August. Worth every penny.

    -Terry (@terrykuan)

  4. Hi there! I am loving Tellason denim and their American made standards! Therefore I am officially entering the contest! My Tumblr alias is “drewbergen” ( Thanks!

  5. Can I still get in on this if I don’t have a tumblr? @keithpaugh I’ll post it on FB n’ stuff too.

  6. …also, Twitter: @drew_bergen

  7. @robin_abcdenim

    Tweeted and reblogged! Love to see the denim continually update and gotta love what you’re doing!!

  8. R.R.

    I’d love to enter but I don’t gots me a tumblr or twitter. I guess I need to step up my blog game.

  9. I hope ive entered right! ALL they way from Adelaide.

    twitter: @Robcopley

  10. This is an awesome contest.
    Not many people I know have heard of Tellason… yet.

    Twitter: derrickriley

  11. Michael N.


  12. reblog too at

  13. Rep the Tellason. Hope I win.


    – J

  14. twitter: @cdmcmahon


  16. Trent

    twitter- @girouxmcisaak

  17. Twitter: Carl_Rover

    Been wantin a pair of Tellasons for a long time.

  18. Edwin Song

    reblogged your post 🙂

  19. Twitter: @romeldris

    tweeted and reblogged!

  20. Awesome giveaway. Coolbeans.

    Twitter: @manshion
    Tumblr: //

  21. Tumblr:
    Twitter: @MtInadale


  22. Love Tellason and love Simplethreads…

    Twitter: slim18

  23. twitter: @alamunky

  24. hey @ihopeidontdie here.

    hope you got your shipping sitch figured out!

  25. I don’t have a tweeter! Heh but I tumbl!

    I just wanna wear the sh!t out of those bad boys

  26. twitter:@chrisalcantara

  27. Josh Kim, justplay_kids

  28. Raphael Kelly

    Twitter @rphlkelly

  29. adam

    twitter: @elnunesio

  30. Jorge

    Great jeans!! HAM!!

  31. jguzman97

    Jeans look awesome.

    Twitter: @jguzman97

  32. jguzman97

    Twitter: @jguzman97

  33. Joseph Rossiter


  34. UNCMN on Twitter/Tumblr both!

  35. jp

    twitter @sweatsuit

  36. Frank

  37. Tumblr:
    Twitter: @cwheaton
    tellason x simple threads, awesome combination. cant get enough of either.

  38. tumbler: slinlee
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  39. i reblogged this!
    i really don’t have a clue what im doing but hopefully…:)

  40. Brandon

    Crossed fingers from @thomasroom

  41. @codymelcher

    hope i win! college guy needs a new pair of jeans

  42. chincabomberavid


    Thanks for the chance!

  43. jguzman97

    Twitter: jguzman97

  44. NC Cone x Tanner x Tellason x Simple Threads?… Done&Done.


  45. Chad Thomas

    twitter: @cmthomas41

  46. tumblr:
    twitter: @williamanthony

  47. twitter: @jaykayshay


  48. twitter: @jaykayshay

  49. cptstowe (twitter) of checking. Already reblogged and retweeted. Psyched. Good luck everybody.

  50. @sajohnson05/

  51. @FullHarbor

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  53. twitter: @dougbriefs

  54. bahhhhh

    Twitter: @bahhhhh

  55. stephen carter


  56. Jonathan S.

    Great companies working together & really great jeans.

    Twitter: @zetttla

  57. @brandonxmahler

  58. awesome!

  59. Chris

    Buying a pair of Tellasons regardless!

  60. emily



    May the best man (or woman) win.

  62. Throwing my hat in.
    @TBTYH and

  63. This would be awesome, haven’t had a chance to try a pair out yet but would love to!


  64. Beautiful denim!

    Twitter: @Lionandpsalter

  65. Tumblr:
    Twitter: paulvonepp

  66. Dave Lago

    Been looking at some Tellasons for some time.

    Twitter: 24_7_Restless

  67. @alexscotttt on Twitter
    ACurationOfLife on Tumblr

    Many thanks, hopefully the Ladbroke Grove are on their way to me!

  68. jeremy seow

    Twitter: @jeremyseow

  69. Twitter:!/brandonluthy

    Tweeted and reblogged friend!
    I’m copping a pair whether I win or not. Dig everything this is all about

  70. Linus

    Twitter: @linusso

  71. @StinkyM

    I’ve really been considering buying a pair to go with my APC NS. When the jeans I like cost as much as they do I can only buy once a year maybe. I’ll just have to buy a new tannergoods belt to go with my new Tellasons.

  72. Kenn

    @simplethreads doesn’t seem to exist?

    twitter: @WonderXXIII

  73. Twitter – @ranbeerg
    tumblr –

  74. Erich

    Twitter – @airrichh
    Tumblr –
    I’d love to have a pair of these.

  75. I’m generally not one for following rules, but for another pair of Tellason’s, I’ll follow like a school boy.
    Twiter: @lifebythecollar

  76. R0BERT

    Twitter: JupitersLament
    Tumblr: lessfashionmoreaction

  77. Killer denim yet again!
    twitter: nathanielkupish

  78. Charlie


    Fingers crossed…

  79. Tumblr:
    Twitter: @SenorPolarBear
    This finally convinced me to create a twitter. You win Tellason.

  80. Aaron Pauls

    I said a prayer I would win, and ended it in “a-hem”. I would be riveted if you picked me. I twill reblog this 3×1 if that’s what it takes.
    Twitter @aaronpauls206

  81. Dan

    check @dan_2_dan and Thanks for the contest, the jeans look dynamite

  82. Johnson Chan


  83. Woo random number generators! Here’s hoping.


  84. hello, my twitter name is @2wat and my tumblr name is


  85. Jarrod Villorente

  86. randall phenning

    blacksheepsquadron on tumblr

  87. @yungkeodaprince

  88. John

    Good luck me!

    Twitter: @johnquisssssssy


  89. twitter: @neilathotep and

  90. Jyot Sandhu

    Twitter: @jyolteon

  91. Awesome! These look great. Hope I win!


  92. This is awesome, I’ve been a huge fan of Tellason for a while and own one of the pairs from their first run.


  93. just checking in.
    twitter: joshkimbap

  94. Hoping to get those damn fine jeans.

    twitter: @joshkimbap

  95. bunny


  96. @surrealsermons

  97. MalAbstract

    I Just Fell In Love With Denim This Year, This Would Be Another Great Pair Of Quality Denim To Age In My Collection.

    Twitter: @MalAbstract

  98. #lehgo

  99. @natekeller

    Thx 4 entering me…

  100. Mitchell

    Twitter: msm927

  101. Twitter: @JARH
    Tumblr: @SparkOfSoul

  102. Tim

    Some Australian love;

    twitter: @te_newman


  103. My twitter handle is CUNTYBEAR.

  104. Zeddy

    Twitter @ zeddnet
    Tumblr @

    Hope to win a pair 🙂

  105. @adambikeround !!!!!

  106. paul

    Twitter: @pcgodfre

  107. Kevin Sia (@kevinsialater)

    Twitter: @kevinsialater

  108. twitter: @stephenbain
    tumblr: swbain

  109. Overwhelmed yet? Hope it goes well buddy.

  110. Timothy bang

  111. Great competition! I’ve followed, tumbled and re-tweeted myself out!

    Twitter: @_lpw


  112. Woot!

  113. Matt Voor


  114. Jon Truong

    Tellason was actually the brand I was going to make my first real raw denim purchase. It’s just a beautifully made piece of clothing and I was going to buy it.
    And then a cop gave me a speeding ticket for going 3 over. Anyway, maybe I can get lucky!

    Twitter: @JonBearStudley

  115. Fred Leybag

  116. jon santana

    Twitter- Jsantanaa
    You’re the man ryan!

  117. David Adams


    Enterting from Adelaide too. RHD is a great shop.

  118. David

    twitter: everybodysayyeh

  119. Tad C

    Twitter: @colbtad
    No Tumblr

  120. Here’s my tumblr address: I hope I win. lol.

  121. Dan

    how ya been ryan?

  122. Twitter: @MrAbrahamAlas
    tumblr: thriftinglittlebuddha

    Keep up the great work!

  123. Dusty Snyder

    Twitter: @dustysnyder

  124. Twitter- @josetyroneyang

    Thank you!

  125. Anthony Monteleone

    twitter: monte5k

  126. Digg’n the jive you’re lay’n down.

    I hope for some all-American fades in my future.

  127. @jonahsilver


  128. just making sure I’m signed up for the contest

  129. twitter: @kennywv

    retweeted and reblogged!

  130. William Decker

    twitter – @WMD__


  131. No tumblr, thought I’d try with just twitter.

  132. Twitter – JesGagnon
    Tumblr –


  133. I’m “markdchou” on both Tumblr and Twitter. Thanks!

  134. christian holandez

  135. twitter @Martin_Philips

    Holla. Also your hyperlink to SimpleThreads twitter is broken, it lists

  136. Andrew T

    twitter: drwdud
    tumblr: inbetweener

  137. Eric Gosselin

    I’m pretty sure I did this right. I reblogged and retweeted a little while ago. Let me know if further action is necessary

  138. Ryan

    Can you hook a brother up?

    mrryanwalker twitter & tumblr

  139. Jorge

    @jorge1214 oh boy!!!

  140. Drew Kent

    USA denim>

  141. Joon Park

    twitter: @joonp87

    When do we find out if we won? Am I too late?

  142. Oh bummer, I was dying for a some real denim


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