LAYERxlayer Waxed Canvas Pouch

Patrick & Leah over at LAYERxlayer have done it again. These zipper pouches are extremely handy for your everyday items that don’t quite fit in your pocket, but aren’t enough to warrant carrying a bag around all day. Perfect for the gentleman who prefers pencil & paper over a smart phone, with room for a Field Notes (or similar sized notebook) and plenty of writing utensils. The inner compartment is great for carrying other small items like your phone, moustache wax, lip balm, etc. Can totally double up as a dopp kit as well for those weekend trips. For more information (dimensions, etc) or to purchase – head over to the LAYERxlayer webstore.


Filed under Daily Necessities, Layerxlayer, Lifestyle, Made in USA

2 responses to “LAYERxlayer Waxed Canvas Pouch

  1. So… it’s a manclutch.

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