Makr Farm Rucksack

Local natives, Makr Carry Goods are one of the few companies in Florida that are doing something awesome. Creating well-designed bags, accessories, and even furniture – all crafted in their Winter Park studio. My friend Darryl has been using one of their Farm Rucksacks for about two years now. Made up of a heavy duck canvas, with Horween leather accents & shoulder straps. A really simplistic approach on the classic rucksack, that works extremely well.



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7 responses to “Makr Farm Rucksack

  1. Looks like I found my new bag for school. Awesome post and as always great find.

  2. Luke

    Where did you pick up one in navy? I can’t find it anywhere.

  3. austin

    fly blog and yo can you tell me where you got that bag

  4. Oliver

    is this navy or black? i can’t find navy on the site?

  5. Andry

    Hi, is it strong enough to handle DSLR and travel stuff? I’m looking a bag for travelling
    Cause what I see is it only depends on a ‘horween-leather’ flip (no button or sort of things)

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