Daily Necessities: Red Wing 875 Moc-toe

A good pair of boots that can take a beating (and look better doing so) are something every gentleman should have in their closet. Stop dodging puddles in your Alden’s and jump in them instead. The Red Wing Heritage line has revived so many classic designs from the companies archives. Designs that are still sought after due to their top notch construction, and timeless aesthetic. I’ve been wearing these 875’s for about a year now – on and off. Hands down the most comfortable pair of footwear I own. Guaranteed to last decades, and when they need new soles, or any other repairs – Red Wing will fix ’em for you.


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9 responses to “Daily Necessities: Red Wing 875 Moc-toe

  1. Great shots Ryan. I just got my first pair of Red Wing Heritage boots (chukkas) a few months ago, and I absolutely love them so far. Surprisingly quick break-in period (just 1-2 wears), and they look great. I can’t wait to keep breaking them in, and hope they last for a long long time.

  2. What color are those, Russet? Great shots by the way.

  3. Gerard

    I have a pair of the Model 8146 I bought years ago before Red Wings became trendy. My grandpa and uncles all wear Red Wings, no Chinese-made Timberland crap. Perhaps they helped the trend?

    • Gerard,

      Definitely, I know that “American made” is definitely a trend – but without a doubt, it’s the best trend we could hope for. People are starting to look at quality, not just how something looks. It’s awesome to see people start focusing on how well something is made, and supporting brands who are still producing domestically. Your grandpa, and your uncle – are definitely badass dudes.

  4. Awesome shots my man, and i laughed when i read that comment about Alden. I can’t imagine dirt and my indy’s from alden in the same sentence . However these are just as hardcore as it can get. I have one quick question, are these the Style No. 8131 6-Inch Moc, because i can’t find the 875 model. Thanks Sir!

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