Red Wing 8105 Work Oxford

I know there’s a lot of Red Wing talk over here lately, but it is well deserved. This is my fourth pair from the heritage line, and I cannot tell you how long I’ve had these on my wish list. The Red Wing work oxford isn’t just their 6 inch moc-toe cut down lower, it includes some additional welt construction and more moc-like stitching details. The rough-out leather in the “Maize Abilene” was exactly what I wanted for the upcoming Fall. These are the perfect shoe for being on your feet all day, with the ever-so-comfortable Red Wing traction tred sole. Just a small note on sizing, I have always wore a 10.5 in Red Wings, and I could of went down to a 10 with these. It wasn’t a huge issue, but I did have to throw a Red Wing insole into them for them to be fit perfect – take that with a grain of salt as everyone is different. A huge thank you to Jason over at The Tannery for helping me get my hands on these.



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3 responses to “Red Wing 8105 Work Oxford

  1. Ryan

    Great looking shoes and pics as always, but could I ask what your bare feet measusure from heel to toe and what you take in Quoddy? I think we’re pretty similar in sizing.

  2. Bob

    I just can’t figure out what color to pick..

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