Rogue Territory Dbl. Indigo Workshirt

I’m pretty sure this was the first thing I wrote about, a little more than a year ago when I first started Simple Threads. I’ve been wearing this shirt tons since then, and I thought it looked worn enough to snap a few photos of. It’s held up amazingly well, mainly due to the strict quality standards behind all of Karl’s (the one-man operation behind Rogue Territory) designs. The shirt is made from a heavyweight Japanese denim, that is dip-dyed in natural indigo. Triple-stitching throughout the entire garment, heavy duty buttons that show no signs of coming off anytime soon. Hands down the toughest shirt I’ll ever own. These are not available at this very moment, but Karl has hinted that we’ll see a slightly different iteration of this shirt coming out later this year.


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3 responses to “Rogue Territory Dbl. Indigo Workshirt

  1. I absolutely love this shirt. Unfortunately for me, I’m 6’6″ and slim with long arms so I doubt I could ever get one, but damn I wish it came in my size. How many washes so far, and any chance of a fit pic?

    • Yes sir. I will get this for you. Actually you may be surprised, Rogue Territory shirts (especially this one) run really long, as Karl is a tall dude himself. I had to hot soak this to shrink it up a bit in the arms/body. I am about 6’2.

  2. Such a stoutly built shirt; no denying there’s some serious thought and craftsmanship here.

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