Durability Pt. 2

Today was the first day I walked outside and wasn’t instantly reminded how much I dislike Florida’s weather. There was a nice breeze, and no humidity – this is definitely something we do not see a lot of down here, so I took advantage of it. My Columbiaknit x Arch Clothing crewneck has been getting a lot of wear, and will be getting even more here as the weather cools down. The RRL buckle-backs are crafted from a heavy duck canvas and put together extremely well with a straight leg fit. I’ve been trying switch out my jeans every now and then, so these get some wear – and to keep it different. Red Wing work oxfords… what more can I say? It took me forever to track these down in my size, and I could not be happier with them.


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6 responses to “Durability Pt. 2

  1. Chris R.

    Not sure how you can stand the heat down there during the summer. I have been itching to dig out the Redwings for fall up here in Indiana, but it will be 90 for the next few days. Love the pants and knit both.

  2. I love the braces buttons on the RRL pants. Never really paid them much mind given that it’s Ralph Lauren. Maybe I should pay a little more attention…

    • Alex,

      RRL has a lot of awesome product. They do outsource a lot of their production to China – but the quality is still amazing. I do avoid their garments that are not manufactured here, though… which limits you to pretty much denim/canvas pants. The details on these are super awesome, and every time I take a closer look at them I find more. The construction is really phenomenal and they wear like jeans. I’ve been wearing nothing but these for the last two weeks, as my jeans are being tailored. Thank you for reading – and I dig your blog.

  3. Dean

    First – I love your blog. How big are you and what size do you wear in the columbiaknit crewneck? I want to pick one up but am unsure if I fall towards a M or L at 6’1″ 190. Any fit suggestions would be helpful!

    • Dean,

      I am 6’1 and about 195/200. I wear a Large and it’s pretty slim but a good look for me. I would advise you to go with a L as well. I have washed & hang dried my crewneck and the shape/size stayed the same. It’s an awesome piece for a really affordable price tag. You’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of it. Thanks a lot for reading – and if you have any other questions just e-mail me.

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