Pointer Brand Chore Coat

Not everything that’s worth having in your closet has to cost an arm and a leg; this chore coat is a perfect example of that. Pointer Brand is a workwear company that still proudly makes all their product in Bristol, TN – the same place L. C. King founded the company in 1913. This chore coat is crafted with a domestically sourced, heavy weight duck canvas – it’s called “duck” because it comes from the Dutch “doek” meaning “linen canvas.” A perfect layer for the beginning of the cooler months. There’s plenty of space to store your belongings with four front pockets, and even one for your writing utensil of choice. Double-stitch construction throughout the interior of the jacket for durability. Pointer Brand brass buttons down the front & at the cuffs, and the infamous Pointer logo is stitched onto the front pocket are really nice, subtle details. These run on the large size, so I sized down one – and it fit’s really well.

These can be purchased directly through Pointer – right here


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17 responses to “Pointer Brand Chore Coat

  1. What size is he wearing?

    Also … are they made extra roomy

    or if I wear a typical XL … I should buy XL … or do I need to size down?


  2. Love the green wording on those buttons.

  3. Beautiful, Pointer needs to fix their website. It doesn’t work when you try to click on the details tab.

  4. rish

    hows the sizing?

  5. Phil

    First off, love your blog! I’m looking into buying my first pair of Red Wings and really like the chukka boots in the last pic…can you tell me the exact name? I also really dig the work oxfords, those might have to be my second pair.


  6. z

    what shirt is this?

  7. I’m sitting here wearing a pair of 1960s or 1970s Pointer hickory stripe pants. They’re the only non-designer company I have found that makes fisher stripe and hickory stripe pants. These things are as softs as pajamas. I just wish they still made a 33″ waist. My 32″ fisher stripe pants are snug.

  8. Been meaning to write you about the Pointer jacket I picked up- based on your recommendation. I first bought the indigo version, but ended up exchanging it for the brown, as you have here (their customer service was great). The brown is perfect- should have gone with it originally. In any case, the jacket is perfect and I’m wearing it all the time (even with a tie). Cheers- thanks.

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