Engineered Garments Fireman Jacket

I’ve had my eye on this for awhile and I finally was able to find one in my size for a pretty decent price, due to it being from last years Fall/Winter collection. I’ve been on a huge Engineered Garments kick lately, because I really like the traditional fits & the overall design of Daiki’s garments. This jacket is made from a heavyweight navy corduroy; which definitely makes it stand out due to this unique fabric choice. Typically corduroy is used for cuffs, or collars – but to see it used throughout is a rarity. Made in New York; and made extremely well. Details include a rolled collar, button-up front, storm flap, interior pocket, detachable nylon hood, adjustable cuff, branded snaps, two front-pockets, and a single back-pocket. A classic piece that should look better after a few seasons of wear. Due to this jacket being about a year old, I had to hunt around to find it – but I did eventually find it and pay significantly less than retail for it. Score.


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3 responses to “Engineered Garments Fireman Jacket

  1. You don’t f— around, do you?

  2. Fab

    can you say where you found it?

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