Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

The one & only Tanner Goods of Portland are known for their leather goods & accessories. Wallets, bracelets, totes, coasters, you name it and they’ve probably made it. Using only domestic sourced hides & even hardware, they truly do keep it 100% American made. I own a few pieces from T. Goods, but this wallet was a gift from my lady and that alone, makes it my favorite. After eight months of daily wear & tear, and a few coats of leather oil – it’s taken on a really nice mahogany tone. I did a nice little write-up of all this wallets details & what not over here – but here’s what its looking like these days…




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15 responses to “Tanner Goods Workman Wallet

  1. Holy smokes dude, that thing has taken on an entirely new character. I remember first seeing these wallets at the Pop-Up Flea run by ACL & Co. and was blown away by their ingenuity. Maybe the design’s been around but this was the first I’d seen of it. Good looks.

    • Yeah man, the wallet has a really nice design with a lot of space. It fits super comfortable in the back pocket as well, which is a rarity. A lot of bigger wallets have a lot of bulk and off set your back and can cause serious problems down the line. It really has darkened up a lot, mainly due to the Obenauf’s I treat it with – that stuff has been known to cause a lot of tone change.

  2. Nice. I have the small card wallet, like the diddy little brother I guess, and after a year it too is just beginning to feel like mine.

  3. Isaak

    I just bought the natural standard belt. Would you recommend eventually applying a coat of leather oil as you did with the wallet?

    • Isaak,

      Definitely! It’s always good to coat leather before its used to prevent staining & damage from the elements. It will also kick-start the process of it darkening. I would coat it with the leather oil of your choice and then put it in the sun for 2-3 hours. This will make sure the oil soaks into the leather and will even darken it a bit from the get go.

  4. I just had my workman wallet delivered… it’s gigantic. It won’t fit in the pocket of a single pair of pants I own without sticking out, meaning it’s actually begging to be stolen… I’m not sure what to do, resell/return or buy a tether. I expected it to be kind of big, but definitely wasn’t prepared for this…

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  6. mat

    looks like a great piece, your lady did well. i haven’t seen many worn wallets as good as this one

  7. Chris

    What Color is this? The Tan? OR Havana?

  8. Brandon

    Nice! Does mink oil works fine on this leather? May I know how do you apply the oil on the leather?

  9. Nils

    I would also like to know how you have treated the wallet. How often have you treated it with oils?
    How many times did you coat it the first time before use?
    Did you use both oils and heavy duty LP`?

    Nice work with the wallet.

    BR / N

    • Niz,

      I use Obenauf’s on all my leather goods about two times a year. It’s been treated 4 times max with oil. I use the LP and then touch up with their leather oil.

      • Niz

        So do you coat it first with the LP and then afterwards use the oil?
        Read somewhere that it should be done the other way around.
        But I will try it your way. 🙂

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