What I’m Wearing – 10/10/11

Knit: Columbia Knit for The Woodlands

Shirt: Engineered Garments Binocular Shirt

Jeans: Tellason Ankara Straight

Boots: Redwing 875 Moc-toe

Bag: Filson Zipper Tote


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6 responses to “What I’m Wearing – 10/10/11

  1. James

    Tony just sent me a pair in in the 14.75 oz denim, but I was wondering how I might find out the specific thread used, like you did with these deadstock Ankara’s. My first two pairs of Tellasons were of the same material pictured above, I believe, but my newest one is of a darker, black-leaning hue. I believe its the same thread they used for the Need Supply collab. I suppose I could ask Tony, but I think I’ve bothered him enough. What are the different iterations of Cone Mills denim that have been used by Tellason?

    • James, the new 14.75oz denim is a Tellason exclusive woven by Cone. The new Tellason’s are the only jeans that have that fabric. It’s a lot more blue than there previous 12.5oz Cone, that had a black hue in it. I believe that it is the same denim used for the Need Supply collaboration, they just added a different patch and hand stamp on the inside pocket lining. As far as I know, they used three different types of Cone Mills denim so far. The first run of jeans they made used a 14oz Cone Denim that had a purplish hue to it, they then moved to the 12.5oz indigo/black Cone denim that you spoke of, now, they’re using an exclusive-to-them denim by Cone, that’s 14.75oz and mainly indigo.

      Hope this helps you out.

      Thanks so much for reading man!

  2. not many own a binocular shirt these days. kudos.

  3. Chase

    I’d give anything to get an EG binocular shirt. Dibs on that one when you’re done with it.

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