What I’m Wearing – 10/17/11

Hat: Imogene + Willie “Cross” Cap by Ebbets Field

Shirt: Engineered Garments Workshirt

Pants: Left Field Organic Canvas Chinos

Boots: Redwing 875 Moc-Toe


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100 responses to “What I’m Wearing – 10/17/11

  1. I like your site. How about posting links in the description.

  2. Ed

    HA! Love the Snoopy toy!

  3. Great picture.. there is so much seriousness in your face and your pooch’s face. Love it!

  4. Yeah. But what’s the dog wearing? That collar/bandana thingie is HOT!


  5. Nice photo. I know nothing of fashion, but I can appreciate a nice pair of shoes. Must find Redwing.

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  7. Just found you and am so happy to see more of us kind! Love your spirit, Merlin (killer ears) and your photos are fabulous. Gotta know where your sweetie got those stunning boots of hers! Keep the spirit going. Made in USA!

  8. While the clothes are great, I love the dog!!! Those huge ears! What kind is he? He sort of looks like my dog. Honey is an Australian Cattle dog mix. We resued her ten years ago and she is keeping me company right now by the computer.

  9. Rae

    The green leash really ties everything together.

  10. You are styling as well as your dog – love your post by the way!

  11. I am angry at myself for not having this idea first, love this. (Merlin is a show-stealer!).

  12. Nice blog – love the inspiration. And the dog.

  13. I love your photography (and the clothes)
    Great blog!

  14. Red, blue and tan plaid shirt with tan pants, a cap of unknown color, and red shoes. Comfortable, casual looking outfit. The dog goes well with everything. Connie

  15. i love the dog.. so cute.. and the picture looks real nice.. 😀

  16. Feit Can Write

    What was the photographer wearing?

  17. Sherrie

    A pair of shades would really top it off ! You two are “Snazzy!”

  18. nearlynormalized

    To Kool for School…Love your dog!!!!

  19. Dig those shoes. Great photo as well.

  20. Even your dog has got some sweet style! Pretty awesome 🙂

  21. If I had your beard, my life would be complete.
    Entertaining blog by the way. Good job, and keep it up. 🙂

  22. I love the simplicity.
    I also enjoy the fact that a male has a blog about clothing. All men should appreciate a quality-made garment.
    Going through your old posts is really relaxing. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  23. MB

    Merlin is so cute! I love that he’s carrying his Snoopy around. 🙂 My dog Taco (chihuahua/jack russell mix) has a Snoopy as well.

  24. i have to say, i dig both outfits. both man and pooch. very rugged, but lovable. well done. great shot.

  25. Ahhhh yeeeeah, Redwings baby! You made a fine choice in footwear, mister.

  26. Love this picture. That dog is precious!

  27. Ever hear of Lands End Direct Merchants? Their catelog covers often display
    unique images and I would cut them off and keep them as a kid. Their turtle necks
    and sweaters where what my parents often bought – saying you coulden’t get them
    better anywhere else. They may have stores now, I’m not sure, but we always bought
    directly from the company via catalog. It manufactures it’s goods in America, but I’m
    told it sells in several countries.

  28. you look good mate! nice dog you have there 😀

  29. Life's amazing journey

    Love the backdrop – very dramatic.

  30. Your pup is not amused =) You both look quite snazzy.

    Lumberjack chic.

  31. Julio Eiffelt R R

    hoho, Nice, with Beard and dog.
    Great Images and Have a nice “Freshly Pressed Day ” 🙂

  32. PM

    why are you two wearing a monday face? 😆

  33. Very funny. Congrats on FP.

  34. It’s look like Merlin is bad Dog! But i’m sure you’re love him anyway…cause he’s cute in his own way.. 😀

  35. So how much does it cost to look like an inbred lumberjack? No offense 😉

  36. Do you live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida? That place you’re standing looks very familiar. Downtown Ft. Lauderdale? Your dog looks so fashionable and very haughty.

  37. Awesome overall composition of the photo, Merlin and Snoopy really make the shot. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  38. I like it, it’s kind of unnerving tho….

  39. Roda

    Do you get made in america any more …. its almost always made in china. Maybe the americans should get back to making their own stuff again I remember the stuff I had for my kids …..it was really made to last …. and even hand me downs were still great … where did all that go. Its easy to get back your country’s economy if people start making things again.

  40. Nice photograph. Who took it? And, yes, AAAdmirable. The consistency with which some people make it their duty to comment on any freshly pressed item.

  41. I had a shirt like that some years ago! :))

  42. Nice. Simple, yet elegant. Good beard, also. Working on one myself.

  43. The composition of this photo – especially the subject matter in direct center with receding street narrowing behind – is excellent! The look on the face, the stance, and the dog make this the kind of photograph that begs the viewer to imagine a big backstory. Really Cool.

  44. confessionsofadumbblonde

    I think I need to start colour co-ordinating my outfits with my dog. You sir, are an inspiration!

  45. kaspermj

    Like your article. Why don’t you post links for the clothes in the description. It would be a plus! 🙂

    • Kasper,

      Most of them are not available anymore, unfortunately. If you are looking for anything in particular, I’d love to help you. You can find my e-mail in the “contact me” page – Thanks!

  46. I usually don’t like blogs where people post pictures of their outfits, but for some reason I like this. Maybe it’s the dog 😉

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  47. you and marlin are so cute together… just curious, where is that photo taken?

  48. LOVE IT! Great site, and I agree Merlin rocks!

  49. senk

    very stylish dog indeed !

  50. I didn’t know Ebbets Field still existed. I thought it had been torn down for urban renewal way back when. But I haven’t been to Brooklyn for decades.

  51. HNP

    What’s he wearing? Ask his dog!

  52. the beard is hands.down. my favourite part. very scroobius pip!

  53. devinleehoff

    I love that puppy!!!!

  54. Might I say that you are wearing an excellent beard as well.

  55. The colour of road, the dog and your clothes is sincron 🙂

  56. Samña

    i like this lumberjack shirt and the colors of those pants, they are amazing. i love this simplicity.

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