Up close: RRL Wrangler Trucker Jacket

A reproduction of a vintage Wrangler denim jacket done by RRL, the “heritage” side of Polo Ralph Lauren. A gem that my lady and I were lucky enough to find and obtain for almost nothing. This is one of the most well thought-out garments I’ve ever seen, everything from the top-notch construction, to the historical accuracy of the details. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find the mens version yet… but it’s to nice to not mention.

  • Entire jacket is done in a pre-distressed 14oz selvedge denim
  • Chain-stitch construction on all seams
  • Cowhide patch
  • Side-buckles on the waist for fit adjustment
  • Copper rivets at stress points
  • Made in the USA


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5 responses to “Up close: RRL Wrangler Trucker Jacket

  1. gabe

    For what it’s worth, the men’s equivalent of this jacket comes up on ebay in various washes pretty often… maybe not for next to nothing though. Love the blog and all of the photos. Really awesome work.

    • Gabe,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it! I did just look for it on eBay and did find it for about $250 – I paid about $60 for hers, so it’s hard for me to bite the bullet. I’ll just keep hoping one shows up again!

  2. My RRL wallet/card holder is one of my favorite things ever. Awesome find.

  3. justin

    did you find this jacket on your pittsburgh trip? i cannot imagine where this jewel would be

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