Something Different: Pennsylvania

Sorry for going MIA – a four-day trip to the Steel City was definitely needed. We don’t have a change of seasons down here, so my girl and I headed north to see it first hand. We spent most of our time in the mountains, but I did make a trip to the city to meet up with Jace of Plain T-Shirt and have him show us around. Here’s some snaps of the trip. Until next time, Pennsylvania. Enjoy.



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30 responses to “Something Different: Pennsylvania

  1. It’s the best of time year to be in the Northeast. That’s for sure. You’re pictures are beautiful.

  2. Jose Rodriguez

    Beautiful photographs, it seems like you had a great time.

  3. Glad you guys stopped in the store while you were in town! Can’t wait to see how you style those military pants.

  4. Awesome photos!! That store is amazing as well–THAT AWESOME WRANGLER JACKET!!!!!! So glad you shared. Your girlfriend’s canvas pants and boots were sharp as well.
    Stay safe–I hope this hurricane misses you guys.

    • Robert,

      Thanks man! We had a good time. It was COLD – was nice to be able to wear some layers! That Wrangler is a reproduction done by RRL, and it is truly an amazing piece of clothing. I will pass the comments overto her, she’s been wanting to wear that Pendelton coat for a long time as well!

      Hope all is well, keep in touch!

  5. Em

    Just found you via “A well Traveled Woman” blog. I’m really drawn to your photos—glad I found you!
    I’d second that your girlfriend’s boots are sharp…..tell me they’re not vintage….would you mind telling where they’re from??
    -A new fan

    • Em,

      They are not vintage! They’re 2-3 year old Lucky riding boots. No longer made by them, but they are definitely nice! Thank you so much for the kind words on the blog – I really do appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Your photos from this trip are all over Tumblr! Nice work.

  7. Doug

    You are an absolutely amazing photographer! The pictures in this post are stunning in more ways than one. What kind of camera do you use?

  8. I absolutely love these photographs and your blog as a whole! I’m a vintage lover myself and seeing these photos gives me a lot of inspiration for my writing and photos. Thanks for the great post and great blog! Just started following! Have a nice day!

  9. wemeetparis

    Just stumbled across your blog and am really happy I did – definitely going to be checking in from now on! Your photos are incredible and inspiring, not to mention helpful! Cleaning my denim stained suede boots has been a daunting task until now! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Amazing photos…and your girlfriend’s boots and blue jacket ! Very nice!!! WHERE did she purchase those???
    I visited Allentown, PA long ago during a theater workshop….You have captured PA in a wonderful way…Keep snappin’….very talented!!
    Which camera do you use?


  12. Terrific shots and a really original concept. Best of luck to you.

  13. Although this isn’t the post, Congrats on FP! At first, I wondered… “why? what is going on here? the dog is certainly cute, the guy is handsome, the portrait is well done, but there’s no words! how’d this get Pressed?” So I kept looking. I’ve fallen in love with your photography!! And love the idea of what your company is doing. The clothing and accessories are beautiful. It’s all clear to me know that this blog is awesome!

  14. Gorgeous Autumn shots…really nice!
    Love her boots….jealous!

  15. Kat

    I’ve been scrolling through your posts and the photography in all of them is simply amazing!! Your work is incredible!

  16. Great photos! I like the concept of your blog, it will be fun for me to explore this lazy friday afternoon.

  17. love your photos… thanks for sharing..

  18. kitkatlikereflexes

    I absolutely LOVE your photos! This style of photography is right up my alley. Great blog!

  19. HNP

    Very nice photos! Waiting to see more winter ones

    • I was in PA for vacation. I’m actually from Florida, so I hope you don’t get your hopes up to high! I will be traveling a bit more this year; with hopes of seeing snow. Thanks for reading!

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