Daily Necessities: What I’m Carrying

  • Layerxlayer Zip Pouch: I never thought this would be something I’d keep on my daily, but I really helps me keep my things together. Waxed canvas that continually looks better, and tons of room for pens, pencils, your phone, journal holder, basically whatever you may need.
  • Truman Journal Cover:  Writing with a pencil is so much more enjoyable than relying on your phone for everything. Your pencil has no auto-correct. I’ve always got a Field Notes tucked away in this to jot down small ideas. Hand stitched, copper rivets, and heavyweight natural vegetable tanned leather.
  • Mans Face Stuff Gin & Tonic Stache Wax: Best moustache/beard wax I’ve used. You can pronounce every ingredient that’s in it as well. If you’re keeping it grizzly, keep it together.
  • Badget Lip Balm: Chapped lips are the worst; this stuff rules.
  • Tanner Goods Workman Wallet: I’ve already said it all here.
  • Bicycle Playing Cards: These are super-old, I found them at a garage sale for a quarter. Beer & Blackjack.
  • Tanner Goods Tether: Keeps the keys safe, and it has aged beautifully (started off as natural)
  • Hollows Leather Wraps: Single leather wrap bracelets. They’re both natural tanned leather, one is brand new, and the other is six months old.
  • Hill-Side Bandana: Never without one in my back pocket. So many uses I can’t even begin to list ’em.




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15 responses to “Daily Necessities: What I’m Carrying

  1. Those Truman books are oh so sharp and you know my feelings about the Tanner Goods wallets. A good carry all-in-all. Nice photos.

  2. Koan

    I’m I going crazy or does Tanner no longer have the Workman wallet? I just see the “regular” sized ones.

  3. Peter

    As a pencil-enthusiast I am slightly disappointed that you don’t have a good pencil.
    My favorite for everyday writing / notes, is the staedtler – more specifically the Noris: http://www.staedtler.com/Noris_gb
    I like the rest of your gear.

  4. I just saw one of your posts on Freshly Pressed – I love the wallet from Tanner – so beautiful. Leather wears so nicely – keep it up!

  5. kidmiracleshitter

    Tight site you have here.

  6. Rae

    I really loved this post!!! Thank you for the introduction to Tanner! I’m definitely getting some of those lanyards for gifts for me and others this year!!!

  7. Very cool. I like the notebook cover particularly. But what do you do when your pencil needs sharpening? I was surprised that you don’t carry a little pen knife in that pouch.

  8. The rich textures you get out of such straightforward items is really impressive! The simplicity of everything you’re doing is really compelling. Well done, sir!

  9. Badger Balm! Huge fan (native New Hampshireperson here), and on me at all times. Now I’m thinking my man needs some of that beard tamer 🙂

  10. Is that keyholder a tether or a lanyard? I have been looking for exactly your setup, but it seems like maybe you combined pieces from 2 different ones? Or did you just add a belt loop clip to a lanyard? I just found your site and subscribed, awesome stuff man. Thanks for putting it all out there.

  11. Carlos Mason

    Hello, Do you know when and where will the next pop up flea be. Thanks Carlos

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