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Keeping it 100% American, even when it comes to socks. There are only a few hosiery’s left in the United States due to the cost of domestic manufacturing, but the quality really shows in all of these brands. They’re not socks you’ll throw away after a few months, they’ll last you a good while. Heres some socks that can be worn year round, and some for those of you in the colder areas of the globe. I know it seems silly to pay good money for something as trivial as a pair of socks, but you will be thankful later.

Wigwam Cypress Camp Socks: 70% Cotton/30% Nylon with the look of Ragg wool. Marled-goodness. Mid-length and perfect for 6″ boots. Made in Sheboygan, WI. Available at Woodlands in Portland.

Fox River Mills Norwegian Long Socks: 85% Wool/14% Nylon/1% Polyester Heavy-duty socks that are sure to keep your feet warm in colder conditions. I have a pair of these just for traveling, as their way too warm for Florida winters. Made in Osage, IA. Available at Woodlands in Portland.

J.Crew Camp Socks: 74% Cotton/20% Acrylic/3% Nylon/3% Spandex. The best thing J. Crew carries, and amazingly comfy socks. Made in Vermont. Available at J. Crew


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22 responses to “Socks & Such

  1. The J. Crew Camp socks are alright. I had three pairs and the problem with them is that the elastic in the upper part wears out very quickly so after 5 or 6 wears they don’t stay up under your boots. Found myself reaching down and hiking my socks up a little too often to keep wearing them.

  2. Saw you on FP the other day-congrats! Love your site! Look forward to more!

  3. Sweet

    Which do you prefer between those Wigwams and JCrews (pros/cons)?

    • The J. Crew camp socks are definitely a better sock (and a bit more expensive) but the Wigwams fit lower and are woven tighter. I really dig the colors of the camp socks and they wear very well after numerous wash cycles. I think it all comes down to preference.

  4. Jake

    I have quite the collection of American knitted socks (don’t know if that’s something to be proud of or ashamed of) and I agree wigwam and fox river are top notch. Some of the lighter fox river socks i have are so well knit that I can hardly get them on and off, but they fit great and never slip. I think one little know fact is that hanes actually does make some socks in the states. They sell them at a few drug stores here in Denver and I haven’t tried them, but they seemed fairly good quality. Smartwool is good too, but a little overpriced.

    • Jake,

      I’ve developed quite the plethora of socks as well. Definitely a great investment and keeps the feet comfortable. I mainly go for cotton blend, being as I’m in Florida and wool is too warm for 10 months out of the year. Fox River does make a really great product, I still want a pair of the sock monkey ones! I didn’t know Hanes made some higher-end socks here, they probably use one of the mills we’ve mentioned above. Thanks for reading!

  5. Wigwam are great and how can you not love anything made in Sheboygan?

    Solmates are also quite good, if you want a bold detail.

    But what I would like to find, are some black tennis socks, that are well made – and possibly US, EU or UK made. I mean the kind of socks, that aren’t neccesarily made for boots, but you can wear them with trainers, oxfords and boots all year round, except for when it gets really cool.

    • Simon,

      Thanks for writing. Wigwam is great, really affordable as well. I picked up all of my cypress socks for $3 a pair! So I had to stock up quite a bit. I found with “good” socks you only needed 7-10 pairs, since they do stick around awhile.

  6. I actually just picked up a few pairs of wigwams last week. Been living in them ever since…

  7. I picked up some of the Wigwam rag cotton socks at Woodlands a couple months ago, and they are comfortable, but I occasionally have the problem that they ride down and bunch up on my feet a little. My favorite socks for this time of year are some of the Fox River field socks that they make…they’re cushy, well-constructed, and seem to stand up to the test of time. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

  8. Very comfy-looking. I think I’ll get some. 😀

    Keep up the blog, by the way. It’s super inspiring and fun to read and…well, I could go on. Keep it up.

  9. Hey, I think Darn Tough socks are all made in Vermont. Good socks.

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  11. Costco sells a four pack of 71% merino wool / nylon blend socks for $9.99. Made in the USA and pretty good quality.

  12. G

    What do you think about the American Apparel yarn boot socks? Quality isn’t anywhere the same but they seem to the do the job and are inexpensive!

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