Draught Dry Goods Idea Carries

There’s something special about opening up a new notebook, and something really special with these 7.5 x 10 notebooks from the man behind Draught, Caesy Oney. These were hand bound at Portland Publication Studios specifically for Draught. A waxy olive drab cover with about 200 sheets of nice weight paper stock, some graphing and some blank.  Oh, and if you use promo code SIMPLETHREADS to purchase the Idea Carry or an Idea Carry Case – you’ll get a new Draught Dry Goods knit cap, done up in an exclusive olive drab color by Columbia Knit.



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5 responses to “Draught Dry Goods Idea Carries

  1. Great product, beautiful photography!

  2. Good quality paper in a notebook is a real pleasure. I keep looking for notebooks with a ‘meetings’ ruling. That’s where the ruling is laid out to take agenda points and an action column. John Dickinson in the UK used to produce them under the ‘ID” brand, but they have been discontinued.

    Know any other good notebook brands?

    • Steve,

      You may want to contact Portland Publication Studio. They may be able to make just the notenook for you! I am not sure of any US made meeting agenda books though – sorry!

      Thanks for reading and take care.

  3. gasp. beautiful beautiful. I clicked on the thumbnail image, hoping to see squared paper and I did! And what looks like exciting yellow paper underneath. Going on my winter wish list 🙂

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