NYC Bound: Pop-up Flea

Well, I’ve got some awesome news. I’ll be attending the Pop-up Flea next week. I’ve never been to NYC before, and to be honest with you: I’m pretty terrified. I cannot wait to meet the folks behind some of my favorite brands. I hope if you’re in the area that you’ll make it out, it should be a really fun event. Come say hi to me as well, I want to meet everyone and see everything – all in three days.


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10 responses to “NYC Bound: Pop-up Flea

  1. Uwe

    Have a look at DEHEN1920 and tell us what you think.
    wish you a nice time!

  2. New York is an amazing place….you will love it. I wish I could be there for the “Pop Up Flea”–should be a great experience. Will you have a booth?

  3. See you there man. Gonna’ be a blast.

  4. see you guys there, i love these things NYC is the best place for these things, gives you such a great feeling being part of society.

  5. Awesome, this will be my first Pop Up Flea. Hope to see you there!
    (you usually see me as the-distillery, I’ll be creepin’ as this now)

  6. It’s a super good time, good people, good wares! If you want a guide and a cup of real nice coffee get in touch.

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