Something Different: Pop-up Flea

The Pop-up Flea takes place once a year, in the heart of New York City. Putting tons of amazing American heritage brands together in the same room and allowing people to come see, touch, and try on their products. When you’re spending good money on an item, you want to make sure it fits right, and it feels right – this is what is so great about the flea. I missed out last year, so I told myself I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. The trip was totally worth every penny. Shaking hands with some of the guys who inspired Simple Threads was really great. Enjoy the photos.


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25 responses to “Something Different: Pop-up Flea

  1. mat

    you took a lot of photos. i wasn’t sure if it was trade show or actual sales market though.

  2. Great pictures… I love the footballs the best. 🙂

  3. Wow, great glimpse inside Pop-Up Flea. Jealous of everyone who made the trip out.

    I’d probably go broke pretty quick in there.

  4. Crickey! Amazing pictures Ryan.

  5. wow. have no idea why i didnt go.

  6. Brian

    Great pics!

    What type of red wing boot is shown right before the lemonball pictures??

  7. ha, that 2nd photo is me trying on those AMAZING boots. 😉

  8. Danny

    Great pictures! Wish i would”ve gone, are those a pair of green Hunt Boots from Oak Street that i spotted?

  9. I was building an ideal Christmas list, but now I just have to link here. Awesome collection!

  10. Arya

    hi, love the blog. just wondering, do you know what brand is the jacket in this picture (

  11. Uwe


    seems you had a nice time in NY.
    great photo set.
    Good to see everyone in action.

    keep up the good work
    best regards


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  13. Noel Rushin

    That is an amazing set of photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. I will be visiting NYC between Christmas and New Years and I hope to stop by some of the shops that were represented at the pop-up-flea.

  14. Excellent photos mate. I had such a great time a left a bit too much of my cash there. Everything there was worth every penny and more. Good people an good times. Sucks I didn’t see you but I think you left before I came on Saturday. Ah well, next time.
    Keep it real.

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  16. GymnScoomma

    Non comprendere tutti.

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