Places: Nepenthes

One of the places I didn’t want to miss while we were in the big city was Nepenthes – named after a carnivorous plant. Located in the center of the hustle & bustle which is the NY Garment District. Which is fitting, considering it is the Engineered Garments flagship store – and most of EG’s garments are produced right there. We definitely took the long way, and it was definitely worth the four mile walk (hey, we’re new to this whole subway thing.) The Nepenthes staff was kind enough to let me snap a few photos, and gander at some of the new pieces EG just released. Textiles galore.



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2 responses to “Places: Nepenthes

  1. leon gallego

    just found your blog, and really enjoyed your posts. I was curious as to which blogs you follow as well.

  2. jay

    What are those brown buckle boots in the 6th photo?

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